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Mandarin for Future Mandarin Teachers

July 6 – August 16, 2014

Mandarin for Future Mandarin Teachers (MFMT) was established in 2006 through Confucius Institute at China Institute (CI@CI), a partnership between China Institute and East China Normal University (ECNU). This summer program provides scholarships for a select group of pre-service and in-service Chinese language teachers to take professional development courses taught by distinguished ECNU professors who are leading scholars in their respective fields. Participants can earn graduate credits needed to obtain a teaching certification from the New York State Education Department (NYSED).

The MFMT program offers:

  • • 4 Graduate-level Courses* ( 3 credits each)
  • • Chinese Cultural Immersion Excursions

FREE Tuition and Accommodation**

Program Length: 6 weeks
Program Location: ECNU, Shanghai, China

Application Deadline:
We are currently still accepting applications through our extended application deadline on May 8th.

Registration Fee (non-refundable): $30

Program Fee: $300 (due upon acceptance)

For more information or to apply, please email confucius@chinainstitute.org or call 212-744-8181, ext. 130.

*The 4 courses are Chinese Phonology, Chinese Characters: Their Structure and Evolution, Chinese Grammar, and Classical Chinese Literature.

**Restrictions apply.

East China Normal University (ECNU) campus

2006 MFMT participants

2010 MFMT participants with Professor Gu Weilie (Photo Credit: Edward Lian)

Please click to download the application form.

• Speak Mandarin Chinese at native or near native levels
• Be currently teaching Chinese at an accredited U.S. public or private school
• Or be enrolled in a program leading to the career of Chinese language teacher
• Or seek a career in teaching Chinese in American schools
• Hold bachelor degree

Admissions are given on a rolling basis. Early application is recommended.

• All participants are required to secure, and bear the costs of their own air travel and other transportation between US point of departure and ECNU in Shanghai.

• All participants are required to assume full responsibility for the costs of obtaining a valid passport with a valid entry visa to China, any necessary immunizations, and travel insurance effective throughout the program. 

• In the event that a participant decides to withdraw from the program after acceptance and payment of the program fee, that fee is nonrefundable, unless the participant submits a signed statement from a physician indicating that the withdrawal is necessary for medical reasons.

• In the case of a medically-based withdrawal, CI@CI reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to decide whether a make-up session will be permitted; however, in that circumstance, scholarship will not be available, and any make-up session must be fully funded by the participant.

• CI@CI reserves the right to cancel the program due to insufficient enrollment or other factors beyond its control. If CI@CI must cancel the program prior to the start date, all program fees will be refunded, except for a $30 registration fee. 

• In the event that CI@CI must cancel the program after the start date, a portion of dormitory upgrade or extension fees may be refundable, depending on the cancellation date, subject to Confucius Institute at China Institute’s ability to recoup funds from the providing institution.


• Classical Chinese Literature
(3 credits /45 class contact hours)
This course chronologically introduces Chinese literature from Pre-Qin to Qing Dynasty and will highlight important literary schools in history, classical writers and their works. A combined method of lectures and classroom discussions will give the students a general picture of the development of Classical Chinese literature and improve their understanding of Chinese literary works, so that they can incorporate this knowledge into their work as language teachers.

• Chinese Script: Structure and Evolution
(3 credits/45 class contact hours)
This course will introduce the origins, evolution and principles of Chinese characters for language teachers. Students will study the protoform and its development of the frequently-used characters, the graphic-semantic relations, and the process of segmentation into strokes, as well as the basic principles governing the composition of Chinese characters. The focus of the course is on the graphemes, the nucleus of Chinese writing system, and their functions in the composition of characters. This course will help students classify characters into hundreds of groups interrelated phonetically or semantically in terms of graphemes, and to develop instructional methods to facilitate the acquisition of Chinese characters.

• Chinese Phonology for Language Teachers
(3 credits/45 class contact hours)
This course is designed to improve students’ understanding and teaching skills of Chinese phonology. It provides a systematic theory of the phonology of Mandarin Chinese (Putonghua), including vowels, consonants, initials, finals, tones, syllabic structures, sandhi, prosodic phonetics. It focuses on the combination of theoretical knowledge with practical ability in phonology and its teaching. It will also apply a comparative method between Chinese and English phonologies for the special needs of U.S. students.

• Chinese Grammar
(3 credits /45 class contact hours)
This course provides a fundamental knowledge of Chinese grammatical structure as required in the “Teaching Syllabus for the Undergraduate Program of Chinese as a Foreign Language” issued by the National Office of TCFL (Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language) of China. The syllabus includes: morphemes and their classification, word classes, phrases, sentences (simple, complex and peculiar), sentence groups, aspects of verbs, degrees of comparisons of adjectives, etc. It also provides a systematic knowledge about Chinese linguistic theory.