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China’s Literati Painting

May 19, 2016

Prose translation: Alone, the lotus on the side of the winding pond opens in flower — wisps of broken mist, wafts of faint fragrance: too visionary to portray! The wild geese are gone now, gone with the reflections of the sail; but the dragonfly, chasing the emerald waves, still comes. (Translation by Ben Wang) China’s […]

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Summer Special: The Song and Yuan Poetry

May 11, 2016

Summer as How It’s Mirrored in Classical Chinese Literature An Introduction to the Song Poetry (Ci) and Yuan Songs (Qu) By Ben Wang, Senior Lecturer To register this course starting June 28, please click here. Song Ci, one of the major poetic genres in China, emerged in the Tang but flourished during the Song dynasty […]

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