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Getting Hungry for New Interpretations of Chinese Food

Jan 30, 2019

Jan. 30, 2019 By Jeremy Willinger Take one part tradition, two parts innovation and a dash of moxie; blend together and you have a recipe for a new paradigm through which to prepare and view Chinese food. On first sample it is different than the meals of the past. The taste is infused with the […]

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Breaking Boundaries: Lu Yang and Next-Gen Art at the China Institute

Jan 24, 2019

Jan. 24, 2019 By Jeremy Willinger What does it mean to be an artist in China? For provocative, creative, digital artist LU Yang, it means shaking off expected formats and looking at new technologies to interpret tradition, religion and time through the lens of popular Sino-imagery. Hearing from LU Yang is a rare treat, and […]

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Asia’s Ultimate Dealmaker on China’s Past and Present

Jan 23, 2019

By Nina Huang In 1969, a 15-year-old Weijian Shan stepped into the Gobi desert in Inner Mongolia and, like the sand dunes, became shaped by the experience. Shan, one of the many Chinese urban youth sent by Chairman Mao to rural areas to work and live as part of the Cultural Revolution, spent his time […]

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Brave New World: Will China Dominate the Global Internet?

Jan 10, 2019

Jan. 8, 2019 By Dorinda Elliott Shanghai restaurants that no longer accept cash or credit cards—only mobile payment. The vegetable seller on the street equipped with a barcode instead of change for customers. Entire villages of farmers-turned-entrepreneurs in the remote Chinese countryside who use e-commerce to sell organic vegetables directly to urban consumers. Chinese smart […]

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