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What Makes China Laugh? Cutting up with Kung Fu Komedy

Oct 17, 2019

“China has 5,000 years of comedy…and the Ming Dynasty is the funniest,” proclaimed humor historian and author Christopher Rea at our recent event exploring What Makes China Laugh? Christopher joined Jesse Appell, Fulbright comedy Scholar turned Chinese comedy club owner, Joe Schaefer, founding member of Kung Fu Komedy, and Norah Yang, Chinese stand up star […]

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Teaching Teachers: Chinese Language Teachers Leadership Series

Oct 15, 2019

In partnership with New York University Project DCLT (Developing Chinese Language Teachers), China Institute held a seminar for Chinese language teachers this past Saturday called “Leadership: Starting from a Framework.” This is the first session in an ongoing series that will focus on leadership skill building for Mandarin instructors. NYU Professor Robin Harvey led an […]

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Mandarin Immersion as a Gateway to the Future

Oct 2, 2019

  This op-ed was published in Education Update, Volume XXV, No. 1, New York City, SEP/OCT 2019.   Does the future still speak Mandarin?   As parents exploring potential schools for their children (for some it might be before when they are born!), this may be one question that is worth considering. Today, Mandarin has […]

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