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One Country, Two Cultures: Can Hong Kong Find Its Way?

Feb 13, 2020

China Institute hosted a timely panel discussion on February 12, 2020 on “One Country, Two Cultures,” encompassing the ongoing upheaval in Hong Kong and the deep anxiety and frustration motivating new questions about the complex framework that has bound Hong Kong and the PRC together since 1997. Below, we present quotes, photos, and the full […]

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Music Chat with Guqin Master Dai Xiaolian

Feb 10, 2020

Dai Xiaolian, one of China’s master guqin players, comes to China Institute to perform and share the fascinating history and culture of the Guqin, also known as the Qin Zither, on February 7, 2020. For over two thousand years, Guqin symbolized the sophisticated, philosophical, and intellectual life celebrated in traditional Chinese culture. The instrument is […]

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