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Recap: Meet the Artist: Liu Xiaodong, 11.24.20

Nov 25, 2020

China Institute’s “Meet the Artist” Series brings contemporary Chinese artists in conversation with leading art experts about their work, process, and perspectives. What is the role of art in society? Do artists have social responsibility? What does it mean to be a global artist? Liu Xiaodong (LX), a super star in contemporary Chinese art, answered […]

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Recap: Music Chat on Chinese Orchestra: At the Crossroads of the West and China, 11.6.20

Nov 9, 2020

“To educate somebody, you should start with poems, emphasize ceremonies, and finish with music.” -Confucius The modern Chinese Orchestra, a large ensemble of Chinese instruments consisted of at least 80 members that adapted the structure of the western symphony orchestra, is designed to be at the crossroads of cultural exchange between the West and China. […]

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