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Chinese History, Writ in Stunning Stone

Chinese History, Writ in Stunning Stone - Nov 17, 2016

China Institute Moving to Larger Home in Lower Manhattan

China Institute Moving to Larger Home in Lower Manhattan - Jul 9, 2015

“Goings on About Town – Art”

“Goings on About Town – Art” - Apr 26, 2015

When Mango Mania Was Revolutionary

When Mango Mania Was Revolutionary - Jan 24, 2015


Chinese History, Writ in Stunning Stone

Chinese History, Writ in Stunning Stone

Chinese History, Writ in Stunning Stone by Holland Cotter Read Full Article...

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China Institute Celebrates 90th Year Gala

China Institute Celebrates 90th Year Gala

China Institute Celebrates 90th Year Gala by Jeanne Lawrence Read Full Article...

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华美协进社座谈 探讨中国媒体人视角

华美协进社座谈 探讨中国媒体人视角

华美协进社27日晚邀请四位中国媒体记者出席主题为“展望中国2016.. For more detail, please click here....

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纽约曼哈顿上东区的一栋联排别墅于上周挂牌上市,要价3800万美元。这栋典雅的红砖建筑曾见证了华美协进社(China Institute)70余载立足美国、...

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Bill Weinberg's COUNTERVORTEX, October 5, 2017: China's rise threatened by 'de-globalization'?

The 16th Chinese Bridge, Oct 5, 2017

worldlibertytv, September 24, 2017: Asian In NY 2017 Fashion Show at China Institute-2017

artnet, September 11, 2017: 拍卖+展览+讲座 | 你不可错过的秋季亚洲艺术周

SinoVision, September 13, 2017: Yukon Huang's 'China Conundrum' Challenges Conventional Wisdom

SinoVision, June 16, 2017: 楚王梦:玉衣与永生

gbtimes, August 31, 2017: Learning Chinese now more appealing to youngsters worldwide

SinoVision, August 25, 2017: Teaching the Chinese-American Experience

Timeout, August 8, 2017: Things to do in New York


Blouinartinfo, August 8, 2017: 'Dreams of the Kings' at China Institute Gallery, New York

Sinovision, June 26, 2017: China Treasures in New York

Chinese Bridge, July 17, 2017: 贺志明 (James B. Heimowitz)

Xinhua, July 18, 2017: Feature: More Americans see benefits of learning Chinese

Studio International, July 15, 2017: Willow Hai: ‘The jade burial suit is the single most important object in the show – and the best in China’

Sinica, July 6, 2017: Jerome A. Cohen on human rights and law in China

美国华美协进社孔子学院, July 6, 2017: 美国华美协进社孔子学院积极推进 中国电影亮相第16届纽约亚洲电影节

Tribeca Trib, July 3, 2017: Precious Artifacts, Once Buried with Chinese Rulers, on View Downtown

Marvels of China, June 26, 2017: Willow Weilan Hai and Dreams of the Kings: A Jade Suit for Eternity at the China Institute in America

China Daily, June 9, 2017: Across America

Style Music TV, Dreams of the Kings, A Jade Suit for Eternity

Singtao Daily

City Guide, Dreams of the Kings: A Jade Suit for Eternity at China Institute

New China, Spotlight: Women "movers and shakers" of various industries discuss, discover China at New York forum

China Daily, Han treasures bring kings to life

Silicon Dragon News

World Journal, 華美協進社:盼女性領袖增加曝光

PRN, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist Linda Wong Participates in "Women and China" Forum at the Chinese Institute on May 18th

New York Social Diary

Tencent, Foreign Investors Looking For Opportunities in China, Bets on Chinese Consumers

Chi-tu Jansen China Happenings

Asian Art Newspaper, Dreams of the Kings

NYC Go, Dreams of the Kings: A Jade Suit for Eternity

Forbes, When US China Business Relations Don't See Eye To Eye Take a Deep Breath

China Fashion Gala Awards Ceremony

UDN, 联合新闻网, Chinese Fashion Gala Chen Man won...

MCM TV, 娓娓道来 带您走进中国时尚盛典

China Press, China Fashion Gala Video

Sinovision, The China Fashion Gala, cohosted by China Institute and China Beauty Charity Fund...

College Daily, 她是华人顶级摄影师,明明可以靠脸吃饭却拼尽才华,终成时尚


UNIPX, China Fashion Gala 2017 in New York

China Press, China Institute and the China Beauty Charity Fund jointly held its second annual China Fashion Gala, Colors Shine Bright at China Fashion Gala

中国驻纽约总领馆, May 10, 2017: Masters of Martial Arts Perform for New Yorkers, and the Chinese

Sinovision, April 28, 2017: Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation at China Institute

Sinovision, April 27, 2017: China and the Real Estate Market

i-D Magazine, May 10, 2017: Chen Man is not the Annie Leibovitz of China, she's Chen Man

Yahoo Finance, May 4, 2017: China Institute and China Beauty Charity Fund Partner to present the China Fashion Gala 2017

New York Times, May 10, 2017: Meet Chen Man, the ‘Chinese Annie Leibovitz’

East Day东方网5月7日:传播中华武术 “小小武魁”亮相联合国

Xinhua, May 5, 2017: Spotlight: U.S. teachers, students say Chinese learning critical for Western kids

World Journal, May 8, 2017: 2017中國時尚盛典 陳漫獲時尚先鋒獎

WWD, May 8, 2017: Chen Man on Perfection, Michael Jackson and Chinese Philosophy

China Press, Gates Foundation China representative Li Yinuo New York discussion

China Press, April 1, 2017: Antiques Collection in China in Recent Decades

China Press, March 18, 2017: Reading Paintings – The Intricacies and Essence of Chinese Painting

Broadsheet: April 11-26, 2017

China Daily USA, March 22, 2017: Art in a Time of Chaos: Masterworks From Six Dynasties China

New York Times, March 9, 2017: Art and Museums in NYC This Week

New York Social Diary, February 15, 2017: Big events; small town

SINO UK February 2, 2017: New York City Proclaims China Institute Day On Lunar New Year

AM New York January 26, 2017:Chinese New Year in NYC: Celebrate the Year of the Rooster at parades, feasts and more

New York Today January 24, 2017: The Year of the Rooster

FM Magazine January 24, 2017: China Institute Celebrates Chinese New Year 2017

USA China Daily: Rich folks in US want their children to learn Mandarin

China News(中国新闻网) January 23, 2017: 表演艺术界“富布赖特”学者刘月宁在纽约交流

MommyNearest: Great Ways to Celebrate Chinese New Year in NYC

City Guide: The Best Ways to Celebrate Chinese new Year in NYC

City Guide: Cultural New York: The City’s Top Exhibitions

WNYC News, Where You Can (and Can't) Get Your Free Cultural Membership

City Guide: December 15, 2016 – What to See and Do at the China Institute This Winter

Thought Gallery

New York Times, November 18: Chinese History, Writ in Stunning Stone

Long Island Herald, Raising Funds And Global Awareness

Education Update

Financial Secretary Fosters U.S. Ties On Trip to New York

Wall Street Journal-‘Art in a Time of Chaos: Masterworks From Six Dynasties China, 3rd-6th Centuries’ Review: Beauty Born of Turbulence

News China, Humanizing International Understanding

Antique Week

PBS Channel Thirteen

The Chicago Tribune

In New York

金融界, October 12, 2016: 曾俊华:港元没有动机、也没有需要脱钩美元

侨报纽约网, October 10, 2016: 科协大纽约分会2016年会 会长沈琦获颁总统义工奖

今日大纽约, October 10, 2016: 中港台设计师联手 亚裔时装秀纽约登场

侨报纽约网, October 8, 2016: 新锐华裔设计师10月8日展出作品(图)

World Journal (世界日报): October 2, 2016: 南京六朝展 重現輝煌文明

网易新闻, October 1, 2016: 实习科技创始人范梦清应邀出席纽约“青云奖”颁奖晚宴

总国驻纽约总领馆, October 1, 2016: 重磅:华美协进社90周年庆生,六朝艺术展精彩亮相

中国桥网, September 30, 2016: 华美协进社举办《乱世绝响:六朝艺术》文物展

侨报纽约网, September 29, 2016: 华美协进社中国美术馆新馆揭幕(组图)

NY1-China Institute Gallery Reopens in New Lower Manhattan Space

Asia Week New York

Orientations-Art In A Time Of Chaos: Masterworks From Six Dynasties China, 3rd–6th Centuries

Baltimore Sun-Out of town: New York: The China Institute

Art Daily-China Institute Gallery reopens in lower Manhattan

Arts Summary-Art in a Time of Chaos: Masterworks from Six Dynasties China, 3rd – 6th Centuries at China Institute, through March 19, 2017

Tencent- 香港财政司司长曾俊华答腾讯财经:港币不会脱钩美元

Ta Kung Pao, October 12, 2016 - 曾俊华: 纽约香港将加强城市交流

Hong Kong China News Agency 曾俊華:香港是擔當聯繫中國與世界的要角

China Press, 港财政司长曾俊华华美协进社演讲(图) 文章转自 本文版权属“纽约侨报”所有,转载请注明“来源:纽约侨报”。违反上述声明者,我们将追究其相关法律责任。

Huaxunwang, 美国华美协进社中国美术馆举办六朝艺术展览

World Journal, 亂世絕響 中國六朝藝術紐約開展 記者金春香/紐約報導

China Press, Spotlight, 嘉宾参观“乱世绝响·六朝艺术”展(图) 文章转自 本文版权属“纽约侨报”所有,转载请注明“来源:纽约侨报”。违反上述声明者,我们将追究其相关法律责任。

NY China Consulate, 章启月总领事出席华美协进社《乱世绝响:六朝艺术》文物展

Compact News

Media Chinese, 華裔設計師時裝秀.颳亞洲風

Ming Jing News, 新锐华裔设计师10月8日展出作品

My China News

The Epoch Times, AsianInNY时装秀 华裔设计师展风采

The China Press, 新锐华裔设计师10月8日展出作品

World Journal, 亞洲人在紐約 推名家時尚秀 記者洪群超/紐約報導


China Times 馬蘭布瑞頓領軍 華裔設計師展亞洲風情


InStyle-From Rihanna's Dress to Paris Couture: This Is How Guo Pei Is Changing the Fashion Landscape in China

China News, China Institute Gala

New York Social Diary, October 6, 2016, China Institute Celebrates 90th Year Gala

WBAI-FM, State of the Arts: Oct 7, 2016: Art in a Time of Chaos: Master Works from Six Dynasties

City Guide, October 4, 2016, Art in a Time of Chaos: An Exhibit of Ancient Treasures Opens at New China Institute

WWD, September 26, 2016: Guo Pei Talks About Career, Apple and New Film

Sing Tao Daily, September 29, 2016: Ribbon Cutting, China Institute

World Journal, September 29, 2016: Ribbon Cutting, China Institute

Fashionista, September 28, 2016: How Guo Pei Created a Couture Business in China Against All Odds

Observor, September 28, 2016: Why Guo Pei Is China’s Best Export

The China Press, September 28, 2016: Bob Chapek, Richard Gelfond...

国际财经腾讯财经, September 27, 2016: 靳羽西评特朗普大选辩论: 中美之间仍有误解

DNA Info, September 25, 2016: China Institute Exhibits 'Art in a Time of Chaos' For First Downtown Show

Interview for the Marvels of China: Pathways to the Pacific Rim Show - September 24, 2016

Blouin ArtInfo, Datebook, September 15, 2016: ‘Art in a Time of Chaos’ at China Institute Gallery, New York

New York Times, Spare Times, September 10, 2016: Mid-Autumn Festival & Open House

Asian Art Newspaper, September 1, 2016: Art In A Time Of Chaos: Masterworks From Six Dynasties China, 3rd–6th Centuries

Fall Art Guide: NYC GO

加载中(blog), August 24, 2016: 陈寅恪还是“陈寅却”

WWD, August 23, 2016: Apple’s Tim Cook Meets Guo Pei, Thanks Indirectly to Rihanna

Dowtown Express, August 17, 2016: China Institute new star in Fidi cultural mix

August 16, 2016: The Villager, China Institute is New Star in FiDi Cultural Mix

The Uni Project, August 15, 2016: A Reading Room on Wall Street

Broadsheet, July 30, 2016: Friends of Lower West Side and Washington Street Historical Society Host Block Party

华东师范大学新闻中心, July 26, 2016: 美国纽约华美协进社社长贺志明先生访问我校

北师大快讯, July 19, 2016: 华美协进社社长访问我校

侨报纽约网, July 16, 2016: 青年百人会卡内基厅举办成立仪式(图)

Beyond Chinatown, July 4th, 2016: Joyful Remembrance of Lives in Old Suzhou: The Unique Paintings of Xie Yousu

侨报纽约网, July 1, 2016: 学习中文也疯狂(组图)

侨报纽约网, June 29, 2016: 王一淳《黑处有什么》亮相纽约影展(图)

An Unconventional Librarian, June 27, 2016

Marvels of China: Pathways to the Pacific Rim, June 20, 2016

Metro-NY, June 20, 2016: Night at the Museums - China Institute

Honolulu Museum of Art, June 11, 2016: Art in a Time of Chaos

Interview for the Marvels of China: Pathways to the Pacific Rim Show - June 11, 2016

World Journal (世界日报), June 8, 2016: 哈佛人氣教授出書推廣中國哲學普及化

Ramaz, June 6, 2016: China Institute

侨报纽约网, June 5, 2016: 华裔投资人郑安澜分享职场经验(图)

Marvels of China, June 5, 2016: Pathways to the Pacific Rim.

Parents’ Choice, June 2016: Children’s Media & Toy Review

侨报, 6月5日, 2016年:华美人文学会邀请苏州画家品读艺术

侨报纽约网, May 22, 2016: 华裔投资人郑安澜分享职场经验(图)

侨报纽约网, May 19, 2016: 华美协进社展中国当代时装作品(图)

中国文化传媒网, May 15, 2016: 中国两地115件六朝文物在美国夏威夷展出

中国文化传媒网, May 13, 2016: “中国文化创新领袖”项目在美国生动开展

侨报纽约网, May 11, 2016: 作家余华纽约分享创作体验(图)

侨报纽约网, May 7, 2016: 汉语成纽约职场语言新宠

侨报纽约网, May 6, 2016: 华美董事创办SupChina英文网站 汇集中国报道

艺术中国网, May 5, 2016: “中国文化创新领袖”在美国生动展开

侨报纽约网, May 3, 2016: 3位女作家7日曼哈顿谈文学

Honolulu, May 17, 2016: Here’s Your Chance to See Rare Chinese Treasures That Were Discovered in the Past 60 Years

China Daily, May 17, 2016: Public Program & Adult Class

WWD, May 16, 2016: Rihanna, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga Ready for Guo Pei’s Designs

Beyond Chinatown, May 4, 2016: Contemporary Chinese Writers at China Institute

May 1, 2016: China Institute Spring Benefit Luncheon Celebrating Design

海外汉学研究, May 2: CI listed as one of the top 100 research centers in the world on China studies

Honolulu Star Advertiser, April 24: A rebel group shines in a show of brilliant art from a dark age

Beverage Media, March 16, 2016: China Institute Discusses Chinese Wine Market

Macaroni Kid, March 4, 2016: Books That Celebrate the Forbidden City

Broadsheet, March 1, 2016, Monkeying Around: China Institute's New Year Gala

New Learning Times, Seen in NY

Vialogues, Seen in NY

CCTV, Feb 29, 2016, National Ballet of China breaks down barriers in U.S.-China cultural exchange


Forbes, Feb. 12, 2016, Rebecca Fannin, China's New Tech Economy Could Offset Slowdown: Kai-Fu Lee

World Journal, Feb. 12, 2016

Singtao Daily 星岛日报, Feb. 11, 2016,中國高科技產業前途無量

China Daily, Feb. 12, 2016, Niu Yue, Kai-Fu Lee: Cities power China's Internet startups

China Press侨报, Feb. 11, 2016, “创业教父”李开复纽约谈创业

Xin Hua News Agency新华社, Feb. 11, 2016, Kai-Fu Lee sees huge market for China's new economy

Tencent News, Feb. 11, 2016, 腾讯财经

China Daily, Going’s On, Feb 19th, 2016

New York Times, Evening Hours, Feb. 14th 2016

China Daily, In with the new, Feb 12th, 2016

华美协进社座谈 探讨中国媒体人视角

Unleashing Readers, January 7, 2016: Bowls of Happiness (Book Review)

The Broadsheet: Monkeying Around - China Institute Welcomes New Year With Invitations for Kids, Teens, and Parents


Foreward Reviews, Spotlight, Spring 2016

New York Today: Monkeying Around

New York Family Magazine

1/26/16: NYC Official Guide, Lunar New Year 2016 Events


5 Minutes for Books, December 12, 2015: China Institute in America Introduces Children to Chinese Culture through Literature

Chat With Vera, December 13, 2015: Two new children’s books from the China Institute: Bowls of Happiness & What Was It Like, Mr. Emperor?

New York Times, 11/27/15, Spare Times Spoken Word Eileen Chang, Naked Earth at China Institute

China's shifting economy inevitable: Roach

Richmond Hill Pubic Library Event, Snapd Richmond Hill

共賞中國傳統文化 華美協進社辦家庭節 Hill Public Library Event

Now Magazine-We All Live in the Forbidden City.

Metroland Media Yorkville Newspaper-Oct. 8, 2015 - Bowls of Happiness program at Richond Hill library geared to children.

World Journal-Oct. 2, 2015 華美協進社落戶下城 習近平也讚

SinovisionNet- Sep 29, 2015: Educators Open House

China Press: 欢迎习近平访美 华美协进社主办中国经济论坛

China Daily: Focus on China’s stock market misplaced: experts

Bloomberg: China Debt Surge Echoes Japan Slowdown Pattern, Chanos Says

New York Times, July 9, 2015, China Institute Moving to Large Home


New York Times | Evening Hours, June 7, 2015

Bloomberg, Over the Hedge, June 2, 2015

China Daily, May 29, 2015

Sinovision, June 3, 2015, How did a Chinese Sci-Fi Novel Get so Popular in the U.S.?

Asia Week Guide, February 16, 2015, How Mango Mania Came to Symbolize the Cultural Revolution

The New York Times – The Week Ahead, “When Mango Mania Was Revolutionary”

The New Yorker, “Goings on About Town – Art”

The New York Times, A Salem Cabinetmaker in Revolutionary Times

The Wall Street Journal, Mao’s Golden Mangoes at the China Institute

China Daily, “CI’s New York president ushers in new era”

China Press: Confucius Institute 10th Anniversary Celebration

China Institute Appoints Seasoned CEO James B. Heimowitz to Lead Multi-million Dollar Overhaul Press Release

SinoVision Journal, “Sampling Chinese at China Institute’s Open House”

SinoVision, Nǚshū: The Clandestine Female Script

China Press: Interview with Summer Study in China Participant, Kyle Lui

New York Times, March 17, 2010, Curator of Collections and Connections

New York Times, Sept 19, 2003, Holland Cotter, Art Review: The World According to some Glorious Chinese Misfits