James B. Heimowitz

Lisa Lam
Assistant to the President


Andrea Sanseverino Galan
SVP/Chief Development Officer

Clifford Preiss
Grants Manager

Aditi Shah
Associate Director
Strategic Corporate Engagement & Business Programs

Business Programs

Finance & Administration

Vivian Cao

Ingrid Mei
Office Manager

Peter Mai
Building Superintendent

Lena Huang
Senior Accountant

Danielle Hill
Finance Administrative Assistant


Elizabeth Ingrassia
SVP/Chief Marketing & Communications Officer

Ming Zhang
Graphic/Web Designer


Shenzhan Liao
Director of Education & Dean [email protected]

Michael Buening
Associate Director of Education,
Cultural & Education Initiatives

Xiao Xia Zhou
Vice Dean, Confucius Institute

Aaron Nicholson
Program Coordinator,
Cultural & Educational Initiatives

Tina Fang
Program Coordinator,
Adult Language & Studio Programs

Ben Wang
Senior Lecturer in Language & Humanities

Wanling Zhang
Associate Director of Education,
Language & Cultural Classes

Yiyu Jiang
Program Coordinator/Resident Faculty
Adult Language & Studio Programs

Lijia Huang
Program Coordinator
Children and Youth Program

Emily Marks
Associate Program Assistant,
Children & Youth Programs


Willow Weilan Hai
Gallery Director

Yue Ma
Manager of Art Education Program (DCTA)

Insher Pan
Assistant Director

Programs and Events

Ho Yong, Ph.D.
Co-Chair, Renwen Society

Ben Wang
Co-Chair, Renwen Society