Board of Trustees

Photo of Chien Chung Pei
Chien Chung Pei,
Photo of Yue-Sai Kan
Yue-Sai Kan,
Photo of Anla Cheng
Anla Cheng,
Photo of David J. O’Brien
David J. O’Brien,
Photo of Kathy Bloomgarden
Kathy Bloomgarden
Photo of James J. Chin
James J. Chin
Photo of Julie Nixon Eisenhower
Julie Nixon Eisenhower
Photo of Huajun Han
Coco Han
Photo of Mei He
Mei He
Photo of Edward S. Hyman
Edward S. Hyman
Photo of Ruth Jin, Esq.
Ruth Jin, Esq.
Photo of Michael H. Krupa
Michael H. Krupa
Photo of Kai-yan Lee
Kai-yan Lee
Photo of Vivian Long
Vivian Long
Photo of Vincent T. Mo
Vincent T. Mo
Photo of Julie Monaco
Julie Monaco
Photo of Robert Nederlander, Jr.
Robert Nederlander, Jr.
Photo of Pin Ni
Pin Ni
Photo of Sophia Sheng
Sophia Sheng
Photo of Miranda Wong Tang
Miranda Wong Tang
Photo of Julie Grimes Waldorf
Julie Grimes Waldorf
Photo of Peter B. Walker
Peter B. Walker
Photo of James B. Heimowitz, ex-officio
James B. Heimowitz,

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