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China Institute’s Work Matters More Than Ever

China Institute’s Work Matters More Than Ever

Dear Friends,

China Institute’s work matters now more than ever. We are finally turning the corner of the pandemic, yet at the same time, discord between the U.S. and China persists, and anti-Asian racism shows no sign of abating.

In this environment, insight and conversation can help bring about workable solutions. Our shared future depends on a deeper and better understanding of China’s culture, its people and history.

Support China Institute at this most critical period to advance education and understanding about China.

This year has been a time of innovation, resilience, and expansion at CI. I could not be prouder of what we have accomplished―sustained and supported by you―our members, donors, and friends. CI has advanced our mission by bringing classes, programs, resources, and content online to a broader audience across the U.S. and internationally.

The enthusiastic feedback I get tells me our impact is being felt! Marta, one of our parents in The School of Chinese Education, said: “It has been such an amazing experience for [our two and a half year old] Bella to acquire Chinese through extensive exposure to music, poems, and stories. I would recommend China Institute to any parent…”. James, an adult student, recently shared, “my small class with an experienced, knowledgeable and caring instructor has been superb. I am excited to keep learning Mandarin online and feel I am making excellent progress.”

I hope you will renew your membership today or consider a special gift. Generous contributions from supporters like you have helped CI just this year:

  • Put the final touches on our second-floor build-out to safely welcome you back to a new space for public programs and classrooms for language and movement courses;
  • Launch our third season of Pieces of China with experts on Chinese food, art, baijiu, aviation, history, literature and more, attracting hundreds of new people to CI;
  • Premiere the newest virtual exhibition from our China Institute Gallery: Along the Yangzi River: Regional Culture of the Bronze Age from Hunan;
  • Prepare our second annual Food & Ideas festival with delicious seminars on Chinese comfort food, world-class soy sauce, and emerging culinary trends―coming in June!
  • There is optimism in the air as we envision soon returning to in-person learning and programs and I cannot wait! As we have for 95 years, China Institute thrives as a hub of Chinese arts, culture, business and education.

    I hope you will continue to support CI―and bring your friends!

    Thank you for being a member of our CI family, now and always.

    James B. Heimowitz