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An Examination of Chinese Mythology (I) – The Fire God (online)

November 6 @ 9:00 am - 11:00 am

Myths are enduring legends that help reflect and shape human relationships with nature and one another. To better understand how myths and mythology are interwoven within Chinese history and society, the ECNU Center at China Institute presents “An Examination of Chinese Mythology,” a new professional development workshop series for K-12 educators of Chinese language and culture. This workshop will offer a deeper knowledge of Chinese mythology, expand perspectives and understandings of Chinese culture, and enrich K-12 classroom teaching. In addition, the series provides an opportunity for participants to discuss the complex yet changing relationship between nature and human society.

Chinese mythology has its unique relevance to today’s China and the world. Belief of the Fire God and his story have long developed in China since ancient time and has evolved to overlap with other gods whose responsibilities center on agriculture, medicine, mountains and sea, as well as the daily function of the household, such as the Kitchen God. Most of all, like the Yellow Emperor, the Fire God is perceived as one of the ancestors of all Chinese. As ancient as it is, such myth is still tremendously impactful in China today: since 2020, the Fire God has become a symbol of fierce power in China’s fight against COVID.

Led by Professor TIAN Zhaoyuan,“An Examination of Chinese Mythology (1) – the Fire God” will provide an overview of Chinese mythology and delve into the story of the Fire God and his symbolic cultural roles in China’s past and present, as well as its relevance in American K-12 Chinese language and culture classes.

This online workshop will be in Chinese and is free for all K-12 teachers

Jointly presented by Confucius Institute at China Institute, the ECNU Center at China Institute and Project DCLT at NYU, 2 hours of CTLE credits are offered for New York State teachers attending this program.

TIAN Zhaoyuan, professor of the Folk Lore Institute of East China Normal University, Deputy Director of the Institute of Chinese Cultural Heritage and Director of the Center for Intangible Cultural Heritage at ECNU. Main research interest includes ethnography and mythology, and intangible cultural heritage protection, with a focus on both theoretical studies and practical applications in historical and current contexts. Tian is the author of several academic books including “Myths of the Creation Chinese”, “Narrative of Mythology and Social Studies” (in Chinese), and “History of Oaths” (in Chinese).







田兆元,湖北宜都人。上海华东师范大学民俗学研究所教授。华东师范大学中华优秀传统文化传承创新研究院副院长,非物质文化遗产传承与应用研究中心主任。研究方向:民俗学与神话学研究,非物质文化遗产保护研究。崇尚学术研究理论与实践的统一,历史与现实的统一。主张文化遗产必须活态传承与创造性转换。著有《中华创世神话六讲》(Springer英文版:Myths of the Creation Chinese)、《神话叙事与社会发展研究》、《盟誓史》等。


Free for teachers/中小学教师免费


Yongqiang Lin [email protected]

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November 6
9:00 am - 11:00 am
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