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Crossing the cultural boundaries, translating Tang and Song poetry in English

July 24 @ 8:00 pm - 9:30 pm

In informing the world of Chinese literature, how to do a better job at translating and introducing Chinese classic poetry is the order of the day. The Chinese classic poetry during the Tang and the Song period (618-1279) is generally acknowledged as the peak of Chinese literature, and its translation came to the West quite early, so much so that it even influenced the Imagist poetry movement at the beginning of the twentieth century. Many pioneering translators have made great contributions to the field, but a lot more remain to be done, particularly in terms of how to achieve the convergence of linguistic sensibilities between two languages, and how to improve the literary quality and esthetic response in poetry translation. After all, what matters for poetry lies not in what it says, but more in how it says.

To explore these issues, the Renwen Society presents a lecture on July 24 by Dr. Qiu Xionglong, a renowned writer, poet and translator. Dr. Qiu will discuss approaches to blending the poetic sensibilities in the source language and the translation in the target language. He will illustrate his talk with examples from his own translation of classical Chinese poetry.

With a Ph.D. in comparative literature from Washington University in St. Louis, Dr. Qiu Xiaolong is the prolific author of many novels all written in English, including Death of a Red Heroine, A Loyal Character Dancer, When Red Is Black, A Case of Two Cities, Red Mandarin Dress, The Mao Case, Don’t Cry, Tai Lake, Enigma of China and Shanghai Redemption. His critically acclaimed and award-winning detective stories of Becoming Inspector Chen and the Inspector Chen series have been translated into more than 20 languages and adapted by BBC into broadcast shows. He is the translator of The Treasury of Chinese Love Poems, Evoking T’ang, 100 Classic Chinese Poems and other poetic works.

Free, but advanced registration is requested.



主讲人裘小龙,在中国社科院师从卞之琳先生攻读现代主义诗歌,获硕士学位,在美国圣路易华盛顿大学读比较文学,获博士学位。在中国、美国有三十多本小说、诗歌、诗歌翻译、文学理论集子出版,其中the Inspector Chen Series 在全球销量达二百余万册,并翻译成二十多种文字。迄今为止,他用英语创作的侦探小说达十余部之多,全部都被BBC改成了广播剧。译作包括译作有《拜伦传》、《抒情诗人叶芝诗选》、《叶芝诗选:丽达与天鹅》、《意象派诗选》、《四个四重奏》、Treasury of Chinese Love Poems (《中国古典爱情诗词选》)、100 Poems from Tang and Song Dynasties(《唐诗宋词100首》)、Evoking Tang: An Anthology of Classical Chinese Poetry(《梦回大唐:中国古典诗词选集》)等。 


July 24
8:00 pm - 9:30 pm
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