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How to Look at Tensions and Conflicts of Different Approaches: From Yin-Yang model and Hegelian Model to Overall-Complementarity-Seeking Model

November 21, 2020 @ 8:00 pm - 9:30 pm

| Free

From the ancient times to today, our human world is full of contraries (distinct views, approaches and treatments in tension, conflict or event severe clash) on a variety of jointly concerned issues: from those in our daily life routine, to those concerning the relationship between couples (boy-girl friends or spouses) or between co-workers, and to those in academic areas, and those in the worldwide political affairs.

How to look at (understand and treat) contraries and their due relationship? This concern is closely relevant to each of us as our lives are intrinsically bound together (more or less) with tensions and conflicts of distinct approaches to a range of (larger or smaller) jointly concerned issues: how to look at and treat contraries would (directly or indirectly at a deep level) bears on healthy development of each of us and of our human society as a whole, the quality of our mental lives, our living environment, and the future and trend of the human community.

Some thinkers in different philosophical traditions from the ancient to modern times have suggested or shown their distinct but could-be mutually-supplementary resources concerning how to look at contraries in the world, of which humans and the human society are parts, from their respective strategic vantage of point. The Renwen Society presents a lecture by Dr. Mou Bo, Professor of Philosophy at San Jose State University, who will discuss in this lecture the visions and insights of the Yin-Yang complementarity model in the Yi-Jing (I Ching) philosophy and of the thesis-antithesis-sublation model in the Hegelian philosophy respectively from the Chinese and Western philosophical traditions and thus suggest an overall-complementarity-sublation-seeking model of how to look at contraries.

Free, but advanced registration is requested.

从古至今,我们人类世界就共同关注的问题充满不同观点进路和处理方式之间的摩擦、矛盾对立乃至激烈冲突:小到日常起居中的问题、中到朋友夫妻关系或职场中的问题、大到学科领域或世界政局中的问题。如何适当地看待(理解和处理)不同观点或看来对立的进路之间的关系, 这与我们每个人休戚相关, 因为我们每个人都在或大或小问题上或多或少牵涉其中;这直接地或间接地在深层次上影响到我们个人和我们社会日常生活的发展状况、我们精神生活的质量、我们的生存环境和我们人类共同体的前途走向。中外哲人在反思人类世界及其所处的整体世界的大格局下、对如何看待处理不同矛盾冲突提出或展示出交相辉映的相关思想资源。

华美人文学会11月21日晚8时至9时半(美东时间)特邀美国加州圣荷塞州立大学(San Jose State University)牟博教授做“如何看待不同观点进路的矛盾冲突:从阴阳模式和黑格尔模式到总体性互补模式”专题讲座。牟教授在这次讲座中将着重讨论中国哲学传统中易经哲学的阴阳互补模式和西方哲学传统中黑格尔哲学的正反扬弃模式在如何看待不同观点进路这一问题上的哲理和启示、进而考查两者如何能够交融互补而形成牟博教授称之为“总体性互补-扬弃模式”。认识、把握和发展不同哲学传统中这些相关思想资源对我们具有实质性现实意义:无论是在看来岁月静好的和平时光、还是在危墙之下乱局之中,对于我们今天如何看待和处理不同观点进路和矛盾冲突,来自不同哲学传统的这些相关思想资源可以在视野上和方法上为我们在这方面的安身立命之道携手相助。

牟博,美国加州圣荷塞州立大学哲学系教授,比较哲学研究中心主任。1982年获数学专业理学士学位,1987年获中国社会科学院研究生院哲学专业硕士学位;1997年获美国罗切斯特大学哲学专业博士学位。英文国际哲学杂志《比较哲学》(Comparative Philosophy)主编。国际中西哲学比较研究学会(ISCWP) 首任会长 (2002-2005)。主要学术作品包括(英文):《跨传统哲学交锋-交融:一个建设性交锋-交融理论》(Cross-Tradition Engagement in Philosophy: A Constructive-Engagement Account),《中国哲学对真理问题的诸多关注视角:统一多元论》(Truth Concerns in Chinese Philosophy: A Unifying Pluralist Account)《实质性视角取向论》(Substantive Perspectivism: An Essay on Philosophical Concern with Truth),《中国哲学概要》(Chinese Philosophy A-Z)。主编研究文集/参考书(英文):《语言哲学、汉语、中国哲学:建设性交锋-交融》(Philosophy of Language, Chinese Language, Chinese Philosophy),《中国哲学》(Chinese Philosophy),《中国哲学史》(History of Chinese Philosophy)等。

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November 21, 2020
8:00 pm - 9:30 pm
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