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Online Lecture: Walking with Su Dongpo, The Legendary Poet of the Song Dynasty

August 8, 2020 @ 8:00 pm - 9:30 pm

| Free

Su Dongpo was a poet, essayist, calligrapher, and public official in the Northern Song Dynasty. A member of a literary family, Su performed brilliantly in the civil service examinations and was rewarded with the first of the many official positions he occupied during his long and distinguished career. Su was a master of nearly all literary forms, including shi (regulated verse), the ci (song form), fu (prose poetry), and essays, as well as calligraphy and painting.

Su Dongpo lived at a time of political turmoil. He himself was subject to political exile but kept to his Daoist beliefs to accept things as they were. Although he lived a topsy-turvy life, he produced his best works during his most downtrodden times. His literary works, many of which depicted his own experiences, typically emanated a characteristic optimism toward life, leaving us with words worthy of remembering many centuries later.

The speaker Dr. Zhu Qi is a longtime admirer of Su Shi. He will take the audience on a journey with Su Dongpo from his political heights to downturns across China to enjoy his poetic witticism, and appreciate the philosophy of Zen behind his works.

A renowned scholar and writer, Dr. Zhu Qi received his Ph.D. in Chinese literature from Peking University and taught at UC Berkeley and Stanford University. He has given hundreds of public lectures on the West Coast and enjoys a great reputation as an engaging public speaker.

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主讲人朱琦,著名旅美学者﹑作家。北京大学文学博士,曾先后在加州柏克莱大学东亚语言文学系和斯坦福大学亚洲语言文化系任教多年。朱琦以历史人文讲座闻名海外,尤其是在以高科技著称的旧金山湾区, 朱琦的公众演讲往往有数百人参加,被誉为「矽谷的人文传奇」、「矽谷的另一道风景」。在各地应邀演讲累计千余场。他举办的数处定期文学讲座﹐更有许多推崇者从洛杉矶到旧金山上场接下场追踪听讲。朱琦造就了一批讲座迷﹐使爱好者上了文学瘾。朱琦善将文学﹑文化﹑历史和哲学融会贯通﹐以谈笑风生﹑妙语联珠的幽默风格﹐使听者在欢笑中受到启示。朱琦以其个人风采和文学素养引发了听众对华夏文化的迷恋热潮﹐把他的名字与中国文学连在了一起。

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August 8, 2020
8:00 pm - 9:30 pm
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