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Chinese IPOs in the Current Environment


This event is co-presented with New U.S. laws and regulations are tightening requirements for listing on U.S. exchanges. How will they impact Chinese listings? Do they aim to protect U.S. investors? How do they affect the valuation and underwriting of Chinese listings? The new rules are hitting some of China’s biggest players—including Alibaba and Baidu—and […]


Getting to Zero: Can the U.S. and China Save the Planet?


China and the U.S. are the two greatest emitters of carbon, so their environmental and economic policies have the power to either save or destroy the planet. Join us as top climate thinkers—Jeffrey Sachs, an economist who runs Columbia University’s Center for Sustainable Development, Ma Jun, founder of the Institute of Environmental Policy and Affairs […]


Getting to Zero: How the US-China Race for Electric Vehicles is Changing the World


Until recently, a handful of fleet-footed Chinese companies and Tesla have dominated the Electric Vehicle market, as US “legacy” carmakers dragged their feet. But with a new administration in Washington and GM & Ford both recently announcing a full-fledged switch to EVs, the race is on. And the auto industry—from supply chains to labor force […]


China’s Financial Opening: The New Horizon for Global Companies


A year since China opened up its financial markets on paper, have foreign firms been able to grab a bigger slice of its $48 trillion financial sector businesses? What does China’s deepening of financial integration into the world mean for the country and U.S. institutions? How do U.S. financial sanctions impact China’s financial regulatory reform? […]

China’s Biotech Frenzy: Opportunities and Challenges


China has witnessed a bullish growth in biotech, with a plethora of labs and biopharmas churning out innovative healthcare solutions. In 2020, Chinese healthcare startups raised $29.3 billion, almost double the 2019 funds. What factors spur the growth of biotech in China? How can companies map a strategy for tapping into the country’s growth and […]

Money Talks: How the Digital Yuan Will Change China—and the World


China is taking the lead in the global race to launch central bank digital currencies. In June, China distributed some $6.2 million worth of digital yuan to Beijing residents via a lottery, and the short-term goal is to have foreigners use the digital yuan at the Winter Olympics in 2022. What’s at stake? Will the […]

Chip Dreams: Will China Catch Up with the West?

Will China achieve its tech dreams? It all depends on whether it can produce advanced semiconductor chips, the tiny piece of metal that are crucial to the functionality of smartphones, modern cars, and even hearing aids. It's the access to those tiny chips that Beijing's tech ambitions ultimately will pivot on. Join us as two […]

China Institute Executive Summit 2021: The View from China

Business insights into the world’s rising power. Learn More                                                                                                                                                     const image = document.querySelector(".tribe-events-event-image"); image.addEventListener("click", function() { window.open('https://www.chinainstitute.org/center-for-business/executive-summit-2021/');image.style.cursor = "pointer";})

China’s Communist Party at 100: Is Capitalism Done in China? (online)

What is driving President Xi Jinping’s moves to re-centralize control over China’s economy and society? On the 100th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party, the Leninist doctrine that underpins its history is reemerging to challenge capitalist-style, market reforms. Join us for this virtual discussion as Harvard political scientist Tony Saich, author of From Rebel to […]

Meet the Millennial Entrepreneurs Driving U.S.-China Green Business

How are millennial entrepreneurs going green with electric scooters, leather made of cactus, and pork made from plants — and building booming companies as a result? How can the U.S. and China collaborate on climate and sustainability efforts, especially after COP26? Join Next-Gen entrepreneurs Veronica Chou, Euwyn Poon, and David Yeung to hear about their […]