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Pieces of China: Clarissa Wei on the Pickle Jar


Who knew that all across China, people are obsessed with pickles? As it turns out, pickles are a Chinese staple. And the Chinese pickle jar is a simple, yet ingenious tool used to make these naturally fermented vegetables. Food expert Clarissa Wei stumbled upon many versions of these jars in her treks across 21 provinces […]

Exclusive: Cook with Star Chef Lucas Sin [MEMBERS ONLY!]


Join Junzi Kitchen’s Lucas Sin, one of New York’s most creative chefs and entertaining online personalities- Lucas makes up one half of the SHY*BOYZCLUB, an introverted Asian pop-up collective, who dish about culture while they cook. In this fun, interactive session, Lucas will share stories of cooking as he demonstrates how to prepare the perfect […]

Chiang Yee and Shih-I Hsiung: Renowned Chinese Writers in the West


During the 1930s and 1940s, Chiang Yee and Shih-I Hsiung were celebrated in the West for their original English-language works that enchanted the public with their delightful freshness and charm. Best known for his Silent Traveller series, Chiang Yee wrote about familiar Western landscapes from a Chinese perspective. Among his publications were three titles on […]


Money Talks: How the Digital Yuan Will Change China—and the World


China is taking the lead in the global race to launch central bank digital currencies. In June, China distributed some $6.2 million worth of digital yuan to Beijing residents via a lottery, and the short-term goal is to have foreigners use the digital yuan at the Winter Olympics in 2022. What’s at stake? Will the […]

Seeing China Through Film: The Early Years

The in-person screening is currently full but we have provided links below to watch the films online. RSVP to join us at the virtual discussion on July 14! To celebrate the opening of the new, expanded China Institute, this program will explore the beginnings of Chinese cinema as the country faced social and political turmoil […]

Sound of Broadway! The Making of China’s Newest U.S.-China Show

Join us for a virtual performance and talk with top Broadway and Chinese artists Thursday July 15, 7:30 PM ET (U.S.) / Friday July 16, 7:30 AM (China) What U.S.-China tensions? The show must go on! Tune in for a sneak peek of China’s latest Broadway show: Sound of the Silk Road, which premiers in […]

Crows and Sparrows: Struggle and Survival in Wartime Shanghai

Shot during the last days of the Civil War in China's transition to socialism, Crows and Sparrows is one of the best crafted films of the 1940s. But its director, Zheng Junli, navigated some treacherous political waters to get it made. The original script was banned by the Nationalist government, presumably because of its unflattering depiction of […]

Crossing the cultural boundaries, translating Tang and Song poetry in English


In informing the world of Chinese literature, how to do a better job at translating and introducing Chinese classic poetry is the order of the day. The Chinese classic poetry during the Tang and the Song period (618-1279) is generally acknowledged as the peak of Chinese literature, and its translation came to the West quite […]

Street Angels: Tragedy Meets Comedy in a Time of War

Street Angels, the most celebrated Chinese musical of the 1930s, was released in Shanghai in July 1937 just as full-scale war broke out with Japan in northern China. Its themes—sexual and economic exploitation offset by fun and camaraderie—were at once shocking and entertaining. Set in the slums of Shanghai in 1935, the film presents the precarious lives of the urban […]