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Food & Ideas Festival 2019

Food & Ideas Festival 2019

From left to right: Panel 1 with Adam Platt, Carolyn Phillips, Kate Wang, and Lucas Sin


Our inaugural Food & Ideas Festival took place on September 21, 2019 and by all accounts, was a huge success! We welcomed more than 300 people to our open warehouse space at 100 Washington Street for a day of panel discussions, art, tasty bites, crafted cocktails, cute merchandise, a live performance by Chinese rap sensation Bohan Phoenix and so much more!

Below, you’ll find photos and videos from the event. We invite you to get to know China Institute, and our mission to advance cross-cultural understanding, by becoming a member!


Event Schedule:

Panel 1- Chinese Food Goes Global: Top next-gen chefs and foodies discuss China’s new experimental culinary zeitgeist

Panel 2- China’s Green Revolution: Meet the young organic farmers, thinkers, and environmentalists who are pioneering new sustainable practices.

Panel 3- One on One with artist Li Jin

Panel 4- New Design, New Cities: Artists, designers, and architects who are forging new urban lifestyles.


Photo Slideshow (photos from Linus Ignatius):

Food & Ideas Festival, 9.21.19  

Video Playlist:


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