Yuhan Liu


Yuhan Liu is a New York-based journalist and media professional with five years’ work experience with the New York Times,Observer Media Group and China Daily, China’s leading national English-language newspaper. She is also the founder of HAN Media, a Manhattan-based media firm that provides communications services to Chinese businesses investing in the U.S. and American firms searching for business opportunities with their Chinese counterparts.

On April 18, 2016, The New York Times’ “Unvarnished” series (written by Sarah Maslin Nir) –on which Ms. Liu served as a reporter, researcher and translator–was named 2016 Pulitzer Prize finalist in the category of Local Reporting, a classification that draws thousands of submissions of the world’s best journalism and is one of the most esteemed of the competition.

The New York Times’ 2015 “Unvarnished” series was a 13-month investigation that looked into Greater New York’s nail salons and exposed issues such as abusive practices, labor exploitation and hazardous working environments in the industry. Besides drawing tremendous attention from about 400 media outlets from around the globe, the reporting also led to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s signing a new Bill of Rights into law, protecting vulnerable immigrant workers, mostly Chinese, Korean and Mexican manicurists. The reporting also resulted in the forming of a special task force by New York mayor De Blasio which included 500 government officials and volunteers to conduct inspections of New York’s nail salon industry to combat illegal practices.

Prior to working on the New York Times’ “Unvarnished” project, Ms. Liu worked for the renowned Observer Media Group’s bilingual YUE Magazine as Executive Editor. Prior to YUE, she worked for China Daily as a reporter, video producer and video program host. During her two-year tenure at China Daily, she also co-authored a book titled Chinese Enterprises in the United States, which is now available on Amazon. Additionally, she has contributed content to The Real Deal, ESPN, China Press, and still writes about real estate for Juwai.com and writes stories of New York’s Chinese millennials for Zhuojian, one of China’s top WeChat public accounts. As a leading media professional of Chinese descent, Liu is a young associate member of China Institute and has been invited to speak on various topics by the China Institute, the Newswomen’s Club of New York, and at Columbia University.

Q:What does China Institute membership mean to you?

A: “China Institute membership has opened another window for me to hear the most intelligent experts from various industries talk about China and the US, and the opportunities between the two cultures. Listening to former Google China founding president and American venture capitalist Kai-fu Li talk with Bloomberg anchor Betty Liu on China’s booming entrepreneurship, learning from Cheng Li, director of the John L. Thornton China Center of Brookings, and touring the Armory Show (for free) are just a few examples of the many great events hosted by CI, and I wouldn’t miss any of those.”