Letter from our Program Director

Letter from our Program Director
Dear Parents and Families,
Welcome to China Institute Mandarin Immersion Preschool 2022-2023.
As we prepare to launch our preschool in Fall 2022 with excitement, I find myself returning to the many ways I can answer this question: “How do we best prepare our children for the future?”
In the midst of ongoing changes and uncertainties, the past 18 months may have reshaped our ideas of what future may look like. However, the core qualities a child needs to interact with the world remains the same: a kind, curious, courageous, and resilient person is poised to learn what’s needed now and able to face what’s in the horizon.
In an immersive Chinese language and culture environment, we are committed to educate the whole child: while providing a nurturing space to develop their bilingual and bicultural skills, we are preparing our students to step out of a home of comfort and familiarity as a person who is kind and happy, curious about the world and courageous to explore with confidence, and values individual independence as well as the collaborative spirit.
With its over 5,000 years of history and dynamic development today, Chinese civilization offers our students tremendous resource to explore and learn in language, art, music, history and so much more. Our preschool, in the heart of New York City, thrives to maintain a unique cultural balance between the East and the West.
To add to our enthusiasm, when the door to our preschool opens, China Institute will embrace our students not only with its 95-year historical legend, but also with its newly renovated space on the 2nd floor, and a dedicated preschool classroom designed for young children. Together with our passionate teachers and staff, I am so looking forward to this new era at China Institute: an era we create for, and with our children and their families.
Ultimately, our preschool aims to build a solid foundation for a life-long journey of learning. As one grows up, I hope the sparkle our preschool ignites will continue to grow, towards Chinese language and culture, and towards learning in general. Thank you for taking an interest in starting this journey with our preschool.
See you next September!
Kind Regards, Shenzhan Liao
Head of the School of Chinese Studies, China Institute

Member, World Languages Standards Review Committee, NYS Department of Education

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