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China Institute’s Mandarin Immersion Preschool (the preschool) is now taking applications for the 2020 school year!

Schedule a private tour of our preschool classroom and meet our educators by emailing [email protected]
The preschool is an engaging, fully immersive language environment where children learn skills to begin a lifetime of discovery and inspiration. Our teachers, native speakers trained in early childhood education, conduct all classes in Mandarin and design fun-filled activities to introduce young learners to Chinese culture. Full immersion and daily classes offer your child(ren)the best foundation for acquiring academic, social, and language skills and getting ready for success in kindergarten and beyond. See an article in Xinhua about the launch of our preschool!
The preschool builds on our historic mission, since 1926, to advance cross-cultural understanding between the U.S. and China and educate Americans about China. Since then, we have expanded our School of Chinese Studies to incorporate successful Mandarin language programs for children as young as 18 months while imparting Chinese cultural traditions like brush painting, calligraphy, Tai Chi, music, and meditation. The preschool is the newest extension of our work to be a center of cultural exploration and illumination in Lower Manhattan.
See our preschool brochure in Mandarin and English.
The Time is Now
China Institute’s 2015 move to a spacious, state of the art facility in lower Manhattan enables us to realize our dream of opening a preschool that will offer the language and pedagogy standards we have been refining since 1946. It is no secret that China has expanded its global presence and influence, creating a growing need for cross-cultural understanding to ensure future collaboration and cooperation.
As Mandarin becomes an ever-more important language in the world of business and trade (and remains the most popular spoken language in the world), there is no better time than now to launch our Chinese immersion program for our youngest students who will go on to become global citizens and leaders.
The Benefits of Dual-Language Learning:
Research has identified many cognitive benefits to learning a second language- especially Mandarin- during a child’s formative years. The first few years of life are considered a critical period for language learning acquisition; early exposure paves a great foundation for achieving bilingual fluency.
Learning Mandarin, a pictographic and tonal language, naturally activates more regions of the brain, thereby benefiting overall development. Research also shows that the language learning process can benefit emotional and social skills as well.
Parents on our Mandarin Immersion Summer Camp Program, which formed the foundation for our Preschool experience: