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Letter from our Director

Letter from our Director
Dear Parents and Families,
This is a joyous time in your child’s life when they are beginning to develop the foundations for a lifetime of learning, cultural curiosity, and success. All of us at China Institute are committed to providing a nurturing space where Chinese language and culture provide a valuable portal to the world we share.
When considering a preschool there are many things to consider, one of which is how they will prepare students for this future bicultural reality. Aiming to provide high quality, age-appropriate curriculum for children between 2.5 to 4, the preschool will enhance children’s social, cognitive, emotional, and language development, as well as fine and gross motor skills, in a 100% immersive authentic Mandarin Chinese learning environment. Upon graduation, we want them to be happy, healthy, excited and eager to learn and explore the world, having gained impactful early-exposure to Chinese language and culture as a valuable foundation to their life-long education.
We view the preschool as a commitment to the youngest generation and one that rounds out the full suite of offerings for our under-18 student population that includes after-school classes, a summer camp program, and personalized tutoring and test-prep sessions. Uniquely situated in China Institute’s downtown location at 40 Rector Street, the preschool will have its own designated space, and facilities, led by dedicated and multilingual early childhood educators and caregivers!
Research shows that young minds are most capable of learning languages and new skills. Learning Mandarin in the formative years contributes to positive mental, social, and emotional development. Our vision is to create a caring and stimulating environment, in which our students can grow physically and personally. From the multi-ethnic communities of New York City to the global village we all inhabit, China Institute’s preschool is for everyone who values a multicultural education and who is mindful of the many advantages, benefits, and opportunities this affords by way of exposure, interaction, and understanding.
Since 1933, we have educated generations of New Yorkers on Chinese language and culture. We hope to welcome your family to be part of the next chapter as we look to engage even more children. Please let us know if you have any questions or to schedule an in-person info session or trial class.
On behalf of the entire Education team, we look forward to welcoming you and your child(ren) at China Institute!
Shenzhan Liao
Head of the School of Chinese Studies, China Institute

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