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Recap: Music Chat on Celebrating Chinese New Year, 2.10.21

Recap: Music Chat on Celebrating Chinese New Year, 2.10.21

Music at China Institute 华美音乐 is a collaborative program with the US-China Music Institute of the Bard College Conservatory of Music, bringing the beauty, wisdom and philosophy of traditional Chinese music to people of all ages and backgrounds in the heart of Lower Manhattan.

Our recent Music Chat on February 10 examined a careful selection of Chinese music from 丰收锣鼓 (Gongs and Drums for Harvest) to 阳春白雪 (Bright Snow in Spring) with Ms. Zhou Yi, pipa/qin soloist and Ms. Shenzhan Liao, Head of the School of Chinese Studies at China Institute. The program included a vibrant discussion on the evolving culture, traditions and symbolism in celebrating Chinese lunar New Year and live music demonstrations and videos, revealing a continuing path of cultural exchanges between the east and the west.

Praised for her “breathtaking” meticulous technique and expressiveness by the Washington Post, pipa/qin soloist Zhou Yi performs widely both in the U.S. and internationally. Her selected appearances include: Tan Dunʼs Concerto for Pipa and String Orchestra at the Gewandhaus in Leipzig Germany; Young Peopleʼs Concert with the New York Philharmonic; Bun-Ching Lamʼs Song of the Pipa and Sudden Thunder with the Sinfonieorchester Münster; Zuqiang Wuʼs Sisters of the Grassland with the Ohio Youngstown Symphony Orchestra; guest qin artist with the San Francisco Opera in Bright Shengʼs Dream of the Red Chamber; guest pipa and qin artist with the Santa Fe Opera in Huang Ruoʼs Dr. Sun Yatsen.

An enthusiastic music educator and pipa instructor at Music at China Institute, Zhou Yi gives lectures and workshops to a wide range of students at NYU, public schools and libraries. Her students gained the top scores in a number of musical arts programs and have been awarded in televised talent shows. Ms. Zhou graduated from Shanghai Conservatory of Music and is currently the artistic director of the Ba Ban Chinese Music Society of NY.

Full Video of Music Chat on Celebrating Chinese New Year

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