A Bite of China: A Culinary Creation


Thursday 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM EST

8 one-hour sessions in total

Starting date: Jan. 7
Ending date: Feb. 25


$220 (including $200 tuition fee and $20 non-refundable registration fee)

10% discount of the tuition for family members, current students and siblings.

All students enjoy 10% discount of the tuition when signing up for the second Short Series course. Please click here to view other Short Series courses!

To enjoy discounts, please contact Zeyu Feng at: [email protected] or (917)513-6026.


This live online bilingual short series will make students fall in love with a tour of China through foods and culinary styles! Through interactive, hands-on culinary projects based on various popular Chinese ingredients and cooking methods (e.g., 蒸-steaming, 煮-boiling, 炖-braising), students will learn to create authentic Chinese dishes with a balance of nutrition, taste, and presentation. In a supportive bilingual environment, language skills will be taught and practiced through recipes and essential cooking instructions. Throughout the series, students will create a culinary portfolio of iconic Chinese dishes associated with festivals and customs, such as dumplings, tofu soup, Steamed eggs, and hotpot!

Join the series to unlock or further your love of Chinese foods, culture, language, or all of them!

Students must be at least 8 years old. No previous Chinese language nor cooking skills required.

Sample Lesson: Making Dumplings

Material list:

Households products available in grocery stores.
Special materials requirements will be sent to students prior to class as needed.

Teacher Bio:

Yanyan Wang

A native Mandarin speaker, experienced Chinese language teacher and enthusiastic food lover, Ms. Wang develops and implements courses and projects on a variety of topics for students of all grade levels in both private and public schools. With a strong belief that learning Chinese shall be meaningful and engaging, Ms. Wang applies multiple strategies including stories, songs, dances, rhymes, age-appropriate games and projects to simulate students’ curiosity and enthusiasm in Mandarin learning. Trained in both China and U.S. with graduate degrees in teaching Chinese as a second language, Ms. Wang is a certified teacher of Chinese language in New York State.

For questions and registration for multiple short series courses, please contact Zeyu Feng at: [email protected] or (917)513-6026.

4:00 PM - 5:00 PM