Chinese Calligraphy (online)

Chinese Calligraphy (online)

This intermediate course in Chinese calligraphy assumes that the student has had prior exposure to Chinese calligraphy. The five-session course will be delivered live via Zoom and each class will have three components made up of: 1) lectures and discussions on a history of Chinese calligraphy, including stylistic differences between different famous Chinese calligraphers and artists; 2) critique of homework from individual students (submitted via email each week); and 3) demonstration of calligraphic techniques.

Students will be given the opportunity to focus on one calligraphic style/script (書體). In order to maximize one’s knowledge and appreciation, class participation and off-line practice is highly recommended. Students should have brushes, ink and paper available at home.

About the Instructor

Chuan Cao came to the US at the age of 8 and became interested in Chinese calligraphy and painting after his father introduced him to a book illustrated by the great contemporary Chinese artist and writer, Feng Zikai (豐子愷1898-1975).

Chuan attended Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music and Art on the Upper West Side where he majored in studio art. On the side, he continues with his East Asian studies, and his interest lies in Chinese calligraphy history, with special focus on Bronze Inscriptions, Seal Script (金文/大篆,小篆)  and Wei Style (魏碑) Calligraphy. For years, he took calligraphy lessons with a Seal Carving and Paper Cutting artist, Lu Mingliang (陸明良), a former student of the late Chinese master Seal Carver, Chen Julai (陈巨来 1904-1984).

Chuan has held presentations on the history of Chinese calligraphy at the China Institute. His calligraphy class at the Institute has been met with great success. An avid collector of Chinese ink stones and tablets, Chuan practices Chinese calligraphy on a daily basis at his home, “Purple Bamboo Studio (紫竹齋).”

Class suspended for the Summer. Fall schedule to be announced.