At China Institute, we believe that a deeper understanding between the U.S. and China is critical to strengthening our global community in the 21st Century, and that proficiency in the Chinese language will facilitate a more nuanced dialogue between and among our citizens and leaders. This belief is the foundation for our language programs, directed both at language learning and also at ensuring that Mandarin language teachers have high quality training available to them so that they can inspire, engage, and educate their students with maximum effectiveness.

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Because of our position as a global leader in evaluating and understanding best practices in the teaching of Mandarin language, China Institute is in a unique position to employ in our classrooms what we are learning through research and teacher training. Thus, we strive to design our classes in such a way that they embody the best practices in methodology and curriculum available to educators today, and, in turn, to enrich our professional development offerings for teachers with what we have learned in the hands-on practical setting of our classrooms.

At China Institute, our faculty are both scholars and your guides, to all things China.

China Institute is chartered by the Board of Regents of the University of the State of New York as a school of continuing education.

The Institute’s School of Chinese Studies, founded in 1933, is the oldest educational center of its kind in the United States.

Whatever your age or level of familiarity with Chinese language or culture, China Institute’s education department will support your interest, and help you maintain a life-long engagement with China.


Ben Wang

Ben Wang is Senior Lecturer of Language and Humanities at China Institute and he also teaches Chinese at the United Nations.

Carl Chen

Carl Chen holds a BA degree in English Language & Literature. He has years of experience teaching and tutoring the Chinese language at all levels and delivering customized on-site corporate training with his background in financial and travel industries.

Fang Fu

Fang Fu received her MA, Ed.M and Ed.D from Columbia University.

Guoqing Zhang

Guoqing Zhang holds a Master’s degree in Fine Art (Sculpture) from Kyoto University of Art.

Hailong Wang

Hailong Wang has an MA in Linguistics/Anthropology from Columbia University and a BA in Chinese Language and Literature from Xuzhou Teachers College.

Hong Wu

Hong Wu, a Beijing Native, has her MS in Applied Linguistics from Queens College, and received her BA degree in English from Beijing Normal College of Foreign Languages.

Jia Situ

Jia Situ holds a BA from Hunter College and an MA in Teaching Chinese and TESOL from New York University.

Jin Gong

Jin Gong is currently a Ph.D. candidate in Modern Chinese Studies at the University of Illinois-Urban-Champaign (UIUC).

Jiaxuan (Jim) Zhang

Jiaxuan Zhang earned a B.A. in Cinema and Photography from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale and an M.A. in Cinema Studies from New York University.

Sungsook Setton

Sungsook Setton has been trained in brush painting and calligraphy under Chinese and Korean masters. She has also studied Western art in Germany, U.K., and U.S., where she obtained a BFA at Stony Brook University and is currently working on her MFA.

Alex Hing

Alex Hing is a senior student of Grandmaster William C.C. Chen and instructor at Master Chen's Manhattan studio, and has been practicing Asian martial arts for over 25 years.


I never met a teacher so excellent, so prepared with deep knowledge in world literature, in arts, in music, in theater and in Chinese philosophy.

Franco Zerlenga, Classical Chinese IV - Taught by Ben Wang

Thank you very much for providing such an excellent Chinese language workshop at the China Institute last Saturday. It was a very intensive and valuable educational experience.

Student, Essential Chinese for Travelers

I have taken several classes here and Vivian is my favorite instructor so far. She makes things very clear and provides good structure

Student, Business Chinese

Rency was great. Really enjoyed class and learned more than I thought I would

Student, L1A

Class is great. Appreciate that we can send sentences each week that Steve Zhang corrects and comments on.

Student, L1B

Excellent class, feel I’ve made tremendous improvement.

Student, Intensive L3

China Institute’s free tutoring program is so helpful in learning everyday vocabulary outside of class.

Student, Private Tutoring

The content of this class is fascinating. Steve Zhang is one of the most knowledgeable teachers I have ever met. I would love to attend a lecture by him of Chinese history/society.

Student, Reading Chinese Media Texts