Level 101

-Rency is great! She is patient and interesting. I enjoyed learning mandarin for the first time with her.

-Rency was amazing! I would have loved a little more homework just so I felt more structured with the work at home but overall was a great classà TAs were really nice and helpful too.

Level 102

-Great class, lovely teaching style, really appreciate how much Xiaolin Lin cares about our learning and who we are as people.

-Great classes! Learned a lot!

-Xiaolin is an amazing teacher and I always learned a lot.

Level 103

-I really liked that we had a speaking assignment for every class.


Mandarin 101 and 102
I just finished Mandarin 101 and 102 with Hou Xiaohong and have to say It was a truly wonderful experience. Ms. Hou teaches with passion, flexibility and a terrific sense of humor. Homework assignments were to the point and additional materials like videos, internet resources, and personal experiences made a truly enriching experience and a very effective teaching method.

I have a B.S. degree, an M.S. and an M.A. degree and a PhD as well and have to say that she is in my top 3 teachers in a very difficult subject.

All of us who finished 102 would really like to have Ms. Hou continue in Mandarin 103. Assuming that she would like to, of course. She had unlimited patience, understanding of tough NYC work schedules on our part and devised ever inventive techniques to make the mysteries of zhongwen and hanyu accessible and fun even to us. She inspired me to continue studying every day of the summer so I don’t forget everything by the fall.

I am really enjoying these classes and so grateful that the Institute offers such an accessible series of language and other classes in such a terrific space.

Thank all of you for your solid and wide reaching curriculum.

- Lawton Tootle


Level 102
- I really enjoyed the character writing exercises. Instructor continues to challenge each individual student gaining each skill-level. I can’t wait for 103 class!

- Yue Zheng is excellent. Best language teacher (of 4) that I have had at China Institute. Well prepared. Very good activities in class; great attitude; very helpful, particularly with helping catch-up for missed classes by email; creates great atmosphere in the classroom.

Hot Topics in China
- I liked the Chinese cultural stories that the teacher shared with us.

- The use of current event is very good. Overall, a good class!

Business Chinese
- I had a lot of fun in class! Mr. Tang is a great teacher.

- Tang Laoshi is very easy-going and helpful. Will hope to take another class at this level when I have time again!

Level 101
- This has been a wonderful experience. I have learnt so much, and I am very impressed with how the course has been broken down and introduced to us.

- I am grateful that Yiyu made me confident that I can learn to understand and speak Chinese, no matter how difficult, as long as I try.

Beginner Intensive
- This is one of the most rewarding classes I have ever taken – the language is very challenging to communicate to students but Yiyu is able to find the appropriate method to break down the information in approachable segments. Each class is a treasure trove of new vocabulary, syntax and most importantly of discovering cultural references and placing them in the context most suited to clarify how the language works. I enjoy this class very much! Thank you!

- Overall, Yiyu did a fantastic job! She is a terrific teacher!

- I loved this class and I really responded well to Yiyu’s temperament and teaching style. I loved the class!

Level 202
- I want to thank Lan Yang for being such a great teacher: you explain difficult grammar structures very simply. Your lessons are well structured and we've done all aspects of the language. I sincerely hope that one day or another you'll be my teacher again.

- Grammar instruction very clear.

Intermediate Conversation
- Mr. Zhang was really good about asking us what topics we wanted to learn and giving us his email.

- I believe I would benefit from a portion of the class being devoted entirely to substitution drills.


Essential Chinese for Travelers
- I haven't stopped talking about the class with my friends and family. Carl was so energizing....so insightful and witty and knowledgeable and patient. I love how he explained the cultural aspects of the language. He brought everything to life.


Advanced Spoken Chinese
- Dong Laoshi was very thorough, clear and conscientious. - I liked how difficult the class was and how Dong Laoshi would teach us both the harder and easier version for different words/topics that come up.

Intermediate Intensive
- Yiyu is a wonderful teacher. She is patient, kind, understanding and SO SUPPORTIVE.

Level 101
- Yue Zheng was a great Laoshi. I felt very involved in the lessons and her enthusiasm was contagious.
- Yue is very patient. I felt comfortable in her class even when challenged by the material. Her personalized emails were greatly appreciated. The class material was - - very organized and clear upon review at home. Very good class. Rency is a great teacher. It was a challenging but fun experience.

Asia Society Chinese Class
- Jin is the best teacher. Very kind and giving!
- Awesome! –Would like to continue learning.
- Very useful as a foundation for future advanced classes.
- Three starts – Jin was great!!!
- I learned sooo much! Thank you Jin
- I LOVE Jin! She is amazing and made learning so fun. What an excellent entry point to learning Mandarin.


Advanced Spoken Chinese
- Love the class! Dong Laoshi is great!

Level 101
- The teacher worked very hard to help us learn Chinese and we had fun doing it.

Beginner Intensive
- Excellent class. Enjoyed every minute of it. Great great teacher!

High Beginner Intensive
- I really loved studying with Yiyu and I don’t have any suggestions for improving her teaching. She cares about her students a lot.
- Great teacher: she explains clearly the grammar points, re-explains when we do not understand, tells about Chinese culture. She is very passionate and patient!

Level 106
- I’ve learned so much in this semester. Jia Situ is an incredible teacher – she brings supplemental materials to class and uses a variety of methods to focus on reading, writing, speaking. Can’t wait to see her again next semester.
- Jia Situ is a great teacher!

Level 105
- Zheng Yue is a gifted teacher with a pleasing personality. Language is taught as a living medium of communication, as it should be.


Level 101
- Overall, a great class. Steve is great and very engaging.
- Instruction of Wang Laoshi and Yue Laoshi is excellent.

Chinese 2
- The instructor exemplifies all the good traits of a great teacher: patient, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and eager to help her students.
- I really enjoyed the class this semester! I hope to continue studying with this instructor!
- I enjoyed the class as Yiyu is truly fantastic.

Level 103
- This class was perfect for me. Love the teacher and the pace of the class. The ratio of 4 students per class was perfect.

Beginner Intensive I
- I learned a lot the past 10 weeks. Our teacher focused on speaking and reading skills in a balanced way. We were also taught about Chinese culture which made the class very “complete”. I’ll definitely come back for the next level.
- Funny and joyful teacher. Xiexie!
- Yiyu is a really good teacher whose first priority is her students.

Level 105
- It was a great class – great teacher – the 2 hours flew by.

Level 106
- I really liked the class and the grammar explanation and the examples to use in real life. I liked the pace of the class because it forced me to come prepared for every lesson.

Level 201
- Excellent class and teacher. I like most of the explanation in this textbook.
- Wenjin was very helpful in class. I enjoyed the conversations we had in class.
- Enjoyed in class and instructor. I am warming up to the new text. I think the instructor used the text well. I would be happy to have Song Laoshi again.

Intermediate Conversation
- Wang Laoshi sincerely cares for her students and uses differing teaching methods to help her individual students improve their understanding and ability to verbally communicate in Chinese. Rather than focusing on just a book, she spends time to develop lesson plans that will expand the abilities of her students to use Chinese in useful situations.

- Ping Wang is a dynamic, passionate and creative teacher. Lessons cover very applicable topics and she makes sure to highlight the vocabulary that will be most helpful for us in actual conversation.

- I’ve been studying with Wang Laoshi for over 3 years. She is the best teacher with whom to study Chinese. She makes us feel very comfortable in class so that you are not afraid to try and make an effort to speak Chinese. She is always prepared for the class and able to help us remember the new vocabulary and new lessons.
- Ping Wang is great! Very caring!

Business Chinese
- Yiyu did a great job of keeping the class interactive, engaging and fun! I was very impressed with her usage of technology and different media in the classroom (eg. Smart board, youtube, etc.). I’ve been studying with China Institute for several years now, and I have always been very pleased with the quality of instructors and curriculum. Thanks and keep up the excellent work!

Advanced Spoken Chinese
- Ms. Song is a lovely teacher who engages us in expressing ourselves in Mandarin. I like the exposure to modern life in Chine through the class materials and discussions.
- Sophie has been a delight to have as a teacher. She brings a warm energy to create a comfortable learning environment.

Advanced Reading
- This instructor is very well-prepared that makes us all feel very comfortable – she is excellent! I strongly recommend this class and plan to attend next semester.
- I will be glad to move to the new building. Dong Laoshi is fantastic! Great teaching!


Intermediate Conversation
- I loved my China Institute class! The small class sizes allow the teacher to pay attention to our pronunciation and grammar. The teacher taught us not just what was in the textbook, but words and expressions for everyday use. It is clear the teachers want the students to succeed, and they are willing to go the extra mile. Very satisfied, and I look forward to continuing classes with China Institute!

Reading Chinese Media Texts
- The content of this class is fascinating. Steve Zhang is one of the most knowledgeable teachers I have ever met. I would love to attend a lecture by him of Chinese history/society.
- Steve was a great instructor. He’s extremely knowledgeable and one of the most engaging Chinese teachers I’ve had. His depth of knowledge of Chinese, English, history and culture is inspiring. Really loved hearing his lessons. Can’t find that high quality of information so easily anymore.

- This is my 4th class in Mandarin at the China Institute and while every one of the instructors has been very good, each in his or her own way, I wanted to share with you how extremely pleased I am to have Vivian as my instructor in my current level 2-A class. She makes taking the course an absolute pleasure, as she is always organized and prepared with what she wants to teach us in each session. She presents the material in fun and interesting ways, and we cover the contents of each chapter plus much more. Although she is more than willing to answer questions, she also remains focused, and does not allow students to divert her, and the class, in other directions. Additionally, as young as she appears, she possesses a sense of confidence and poise as well as showing an awareness and sensitivity to each student's strengths and weaknesses. I think she is an excellent instructor and a most valuable asset to the China Institute. While I have also taken Mandarin, as well as other foreign languages, at a couple of other places in Manhattan, the China Institute, and this semester, in particular, has been my favorite class thus far!

Chinese for Heritage Learners
- Just wanted to say how much I've enjoyed taking Heritage Chinese from Jin Gong, she is a great teacher! I just wish I had more time to study/prepare each week, then I would have definitely stayed in that class.


Intensive L3
- Excellent class, feel I’ve made tremendous improvement.

Business Chinese
- I have taken several classes here and Vivian is my favorite instructor so far. She makes things very clear and provides good structure.

- Rency was great. Really enjoyed class and learned more than I thought I would.

- Class is great. Appreciate that we can send sentences each week that Steve Zhang corrects and comments on. Continue to encourage writing sentences/correct student sentences in class.

Workshop: Essential Chinese for Travelers (Instructor: Carl Chen)
- Thank you very much for providing such an excellent Chinese language workshop at the China Institute last Saturday. It was a very intensive and valuable educational experience. Your teaching method is effective, enjoyable, and encouraging. I am inspired to use your lesson and the experience to continue my study of Chinese language and culture. They will be useful for my next trip to China later this year. I look forward to speaking with you in Chinese next time we meet.

- I had a majestic time and I absorbed sooooooo much knowledge from everyone, much gratitude!

- It was definitely the best one! The teachers are excellent. We played games which tested our knowledge of Chinese language and culture. It was a very fun event!

- 虽 然 这 个 meetup 是 夏 季 最 後, 你 门 3 位 老 师 教 中 华 对 我 有趣。 你 们 都 是 白 富 妹 !

- Bittersweet final meetup of the season. Can hardly wait to take a class in the fall!

- So glad I found this group! Has been extremely helpful and fun. Yiyu! Thanks for the podcast suggestion :-p see you in the fall!

- I had a great time every time I come to the Mandarin meet up! The teachers are dedicated and nice and I've made new friends. I've also brushed up on my Mandarin and learned new things! :)

- Wonderful Chinese Meetup at the China Institute. I was very impressed at the amount of care and planning that has gone into these meetups, not to mention the great warmth and professionalism of the teachers. This was a wonderful way to advertise your classes. I hope you will continue to offer both classes and meetups in the future. Thanks again to Yiyu, Lingjun, and all the other teachers who made this possible, as well as the other participants. Hope to see you all again for some Chinese practice, 谢谢!

- It was the first time for me and I had a great time meeting folks while practicing Chinese. It's unfortunate that it'll also be my last time until the Fall session start again but I'll definitely be looking forward to it and hopefully seeing a few familiar faces when the time comes.

- I had a fan so much. everybody feel like joining there again I think.

- Such a great meetup! All of the instructors are patient and incredibly friendly.

- Really great. The instructors, including Yiyu, Richao, Lingjun and Yan were all fantastic! They are extremely dedicated teachers and tutors!

- 好好玩儿!好好意思!棒极了!

- I always enjoy the classes! The instructors are awesome, professional and kind. It is so much more productive if you just let go of yourself and "take in" the language. And the teachers do a great job in that respect - they pay attention to everyone and offer constructive comments and encouragement. Keep up the good work.

- Great Meetup. Yiyu and the other staff and teachers were so helpful. Friendly and relaxing!

- Definitely worth checking out! It helps to expose yourself to authentic Mandarin; my listening comprehension is improving already after just three sessions. I'm loving it!

- It was really fun and I love the conversation and activities we had. It was a nice space to practice and learn more with everyone.

- Great activities this week! The most challenging yet but everyone so encouraging even at mixed levels, that it is fun and informative. 谢谢啊!

- 过了很好! 老师们都服务的真不错啊。我认为参加这么会很有意思,也是一个好的习惯练习汉语。再见!

- I really appreciated the free tutoring. SO helpful and an incredible added value.

- Huge help. I wish I could have attended more often.

- Excellent resource. Helps accommodate different needs of different students.

- China Institute's free tutoring program is so helpful in learning everyday vocabulary outside of class. The tutors are enthusiastic, very helpful, and I have always gained something new from each one of them. Best of all, it's one on one attention to improving your Mandarin. This is a hidden benefit of classes at China Institute for which I am very grateful, and I believe this distinguishes classes here from other places.

- I think the free tutoring program is extremely helpful. Allows me to reinforce what I have learned during the class.

- The free tutoring was absolutely the best part. It helped me to do homework and work on areas I needed help.

- I think the China Institute is great so far! I like the teachers, courses and classmates. I think the one-on-one tutoring option is incredibly helpful and a huge reason why I chose this program over other ones. Finally, I think the China Institute offers a great networking community for those interested in working in China related jobs or moving to China. I've found the speaker series especially educational and interesting (i.e. Andrew Wu from LVMH). The cultural events (movies and art displays) also contribute to a well-rounded Chinese education that I value and appreciate.