China Institute at your school


China Institute’s We All Live in the Forbidden City (WALFC) program offers a series of interactive children’s workshops that can be brought to schools, museums, and libraries. Led by the program’s experienced teachers, students will learn about Chinese history and culture through creative activities, interactive storytelling, animated videos, and group discussions. By exploring the core values that are at the center of each workshop, such as the influence of nature in Chinese art, and drawing comparisons to their own lives, students will learn to appreciate not only Chinese culture, but the world around them. Each workshop is 1 hour long.

To speak with us about this program, please email [email protected] or call us at 212-744-8181. You can apply to have us bring our workshops to your school by filling out our WORKSHOP REQUEST FORM and sending it back to us at [email protected]

Workshop #1 - The Palace is like a Big Forest

Workshop #2 - How Are You, Mr. Emperor?

Workshop #3 - The Emperor’s Big Family

Workshop #4 - Bowls of Happiness