The Essence of TaiChi & Its Healing Power

The Essence of TaiChi & Its Healing Power


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TaiChi is known for its health benefits in its prevention of many health problems. Not only does it relax the mind, mobilize energy, and bring flexibility and balance to the body; it also promotes inner strength physically and mentally. Once you learn the essence of TaiChi, you can apply it to various areas in life, and practice it anywhere and at any time.

In this eight-session online course, students will learn the essence of TaiChi, including body alignment for energy conservation and long-term health, developing the flow of Qi (life energy), enhancing awareness and sensitivity of one’s whole being through natural, relaxed, and mindful movements of TaiChi. Short sessions of guided meditation will be conducted for students to reach deep relaxation, which is the foundation for the practice of TaiChi.  Standing Qigong (Zhan Zhuang 站桩) for grounding and healing will also be introduced in class. The unity of body, breathing, and mind brings overall harmony. Self-healing process happens in the constant flow of ease and balance in TaiChi movements and in life. We invite you to come to explore the healing power of TaiChi and rejuvenate yourself this season! 


About the Instructor: Viviane Chen

Awarded “Outstanding Educator of the Year 2017”, Ms. Chen is a devoted practitioner and teacher of TaiChi and Spirituality. She has trained with leading instructors in the United States and Asia, including Master Ping Zhen Cheng (founder of Taichizen -“Enlightened Living”), Master Alex Dong (fourth generation of the renowned Dong family of Taichiquan), Grandmaster Dr. Ye Rui-Chun (disciple of YeDa Mi-founder of Ye style Taichi) and Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang (the nineteenth-generation standard-bearer of the Chen Family Taichiquan.)

Ms. Chen has also studied meditation with Tibetan Master Tsoknyi Rinpoche and received holistic well-being training from numerous institutions. In so doing, she has developed a unique approach to the teaching and practice of these disciplines, integrating key elements of various traditions and creating space to apply them within our fast-paced modern lives. She believes that a peaceful mind, a compassionate heart, and a healthy body are the keys to a fulfilling life.