“The camp was great. Kept my kids engaged and cultivated their interest in learning the Chinese language and culture.” – parent, Summer Camp 2017

“Camp is really good! You are able to present the material in a fun, engaging manner which encourages and inspire Alexis to want to learn more Chinese. Alexis is willing to speak Chinese at home. You have a good selection of fun activities. She is always happy and excited to go to class.” – Alexis’s parent, Summer Camp 2017

“The teachers are dedicated and truly excited to teach, and that makes the difference between quality camp and “the others.” – Alice’s parent, Summer Camp 2017

“While English is our native tongue, my two children had previously studied Chinese through other programs. But it wasn’t until they joined China Institute’s ongoing after school program that they became more skilled and serious in their studies. Their comprehension, writing, and speaking skills have improved dramatically in just a few months. What’s more, the modern facilities and regular exposure to Chinese culture are a huge plus. We are lucky to have this resource in New York!”

— Parent’s Name: Prep 2A Parent

“I have 2 kids in the children’s program learning Mandarin. Thanks to China Institute, they both have moved to advanced classes. They love to speak, write and learn Chinese. We as a family, who is not of Chinese origin, have been exposed to the culture, food and language. The teachers are wonderful, knowledgeable and inspirational for the kids.”

— Parent’s Name: Ozlem Koldemir

“My kids have attended this program for the last 4 summers. They have been more enthused than any other year and are excited to come home to share their new words and projects. This is the best language experience they have had”.

— Parent/ Caregiver’s Name: Dore Toung — Children’s names: Sophia & Andrew

“My son has been tutored via the China Institute for the past 2 years. The Institute has worked with his very complicated schedule and tirelessly been able to work with his availability. The caliber of tutor is remarkable! They have been kind, professional and excellent teachers. My son’s fluency has greatly improved over the past 2 years. I highly recommend the China Institute!”

— Parent/ Caregiver’s Name: Patricia McGuinness

“Miss Kay is Wonderful! We love Caroline’s portfolios. She’s learning a lot and having fun at the same time.”

— Parent/ Caregiver’s Name: Claire Baquiran

“We knew that Freya absolutely loves camp, but this portfolio is a terrific document of just how great the camp has been for her and why she enjoys it so much.”

— Parent/ Caregiver’s Name: Dan and Julia Beale

“Hank loved his Chinese class. Thank you for the wonderful portfolio – – we loved the pictures.”

— Parent/ Caregiver’s Name: Jacquelyn Wang