Lunch and Learn: A Mandarin Read-Aloud Cultural Series

Lunch and Learn

文(wén):literary document, literature; accomplished. Garmmata Serica Recensa, 1957 

The Mandarin “Lunch and Learn 午间中文” is a free, online, monthly ‘Read-Aloud’ series for Chinese language learners of all levels.

Join us virtually to learn and practice Mandarin, while engaging with Chinese literature, poetry, history and more with fellow enthusiasts. Participants will enjoy live, interactive learning sessions with our language and cultural experts from home. Each session will start with a read-aloud in Mandarin of a carefully selected poem which represents both a touchstone to Chinese culture as well as text for practicing Mandarin language and pronunciation.

Session Educators

Shenzhan Liao (host): Head of School of Chinese Studies at China Institute.

Yongqiang Lin (co-host): Guest Faculty, East China Normal University.

Recordings of all programs are available on China Institute’s special YouTube playlist.

Previous Lunch and Learn Series are featured below. Click on the date links below the videos to see the featured texts.