Meditative Arts Series

Meditative Arts Series


What are the BEST gifts you can give to yourself and your loved one at the same time? Health, Peace and Joy.

Learn how to bring correct alignment, relaxation and energy flow to your body in this specially designed short course! Nurture your Qi 氣 (a life-giving energy) while benefiting from self-healing power through “Zhan Zhuang 站樁”- standing meditation. Classes include engagement in Qigong 氣功 practices based on Taiji principles and interactive exercise performed in pairs, followed by meditation and reflection. Experience a deeper connection of body and mind and self to others while learning how to bring balance and harmony into your everyday life, enjoy good health, and create inner tranquility.

Fall 2019 Schedule
3-session workshop on Sundays,
October 6, 20, & 27 (No class October 13)
10:30 AM – 1:00 PM
Tuition: $225 members / $250 non-members
Plus a $30 non-refundable registration fee
* Maximum # of students: 12

Student Feedback – Summer 2018
All my gratitude to China Institute for making this meditative workshop available, what a gift! In a city busy with a billion things, to find one thing of value is truly rare. My special loving thanks to Viviane, whose teaching and kind heart can bring one back to health and back to the source of what matters in life – Inner Peace. Thank you! — 桑安琪


Viviane Chen
Ms. Chen is a devoted practitioner and teacher of Taiji and Spirituality. She has trained with leading instructors in the United States and Asia, including Master Ping Zhen Cheng (founder of Taichizen -“Enlightened Living”), Master Alex Dong (fourth generation of the renowned Dong family of Taijiquan), Grandmaster Dr. Ye Rui-Chun (disciple of Ye Da Mi-founder of Ye style Taiji) and Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang (the nineteenth generation standard-bearer of the Chen Family Taijiquan.)

Ms. Chen has also studied meditation with Tibetan Master Tsoknyi Rinpoche and received holistic well-being training from numerous institutions. In so doing, she has developed a unique approach to the teaching and practice of these disciplines, integrating key elements of various traditions and creating space to apply them within our fast-paced modern lives.

Ms. Chen is a recipient of the “Outstanding Educator of the Year Award” in 2017 from Education Update for her excellent work educating and inspiring the general public to experience inner well-being through Chinese art & culture. Her work is inspired by the belief that a peaceful mind, a compassionate heart and a healthy body are the keys to a fulfilling life.

Well-being Workshop: Qigong & Meditation 
10:30 AM - 1:00 PM
Instructor: Viviane Chen