Workshop: Essential Chinese for Travelers

Workshop: Essential Chinese for Travelers

• Saturday Workshop (single session)
– Choose from one of the schedules: June 2, or June 9
– Time: 10:00am-1:00pm
– Fee: $90 (Materials Included)
* Non-refundable after registration deadlines:
May 30 for session of June 2, and June 6 for session of June 9

Instructor: Yiyu Jiang

This cultural & language workshop is designed to introduce essential Chinese language and etiquette tips for travelers (tourists, exchange students, business people, etc.) who are interested in learning to speak basic Chinese for functional purposes. Participants will learn useful expressions for daily use such as greetings and proper terms of address, self-introduction, asking for directions, taking a taxi, shopping, and dining, among many others. They will also learn how to read simple Chinese characters and recognize public signs. Participants will also be introduced to Chinese culture so they can better understand and communicate with people in China. No prior knowledge of Chinese Mandarin is necessary to participate in the workshop or the short course.

For Questions Contact Tina Fang at: [email protected] or call 212-744-8181 ext 150

Essential Chinese for Travelers Workshop (Canceled)
June 2 or June 9, Saturday, 10:00am-1:00pm
Instructor: Yiyu Jiang