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Supporting Conversation Over Conflict

Supporting Conversation Over Conflict

Since 1926, China Institute (CI) has been the leading organization educating Americans about China in the belief that cross-cultural knowledge can lead to greater understanding.

Today we join with other Chinese and AAPI communities across the country, united against discrimination and violence. We are neighbors, colleagues, family, friends, and we all share the same dreams.

China Institute’s work is vital and important, and at this critical moment, it is even more urgent for us to expand our reach to larger audiences.

Please stand with China Institute today. Your support enables us to continue presenting classes, programs, exhibitions, and conferences that provide a deeper appreciation of China.

Since the start of the pandemic, CI has created innovative digital opportunities for people to learn more about China, and our impact continues to grow as our audience expands throughout the U.S. and internationally.

The Fall semester at our School of Chinese Studies saw record enrollment across more than two dozen classes; our recent public program on The Forbidden City at 600 reached more than 700 participants; and our annual Executive Summit gathered top business experts from around the globe to discuss the most pressing issues around the U.S.-China relationship. This is all at a time when it feels like goodwill is drying up on both sides.

China Institute is the go-to destination for Chinese arts, culture, business, and education. Please consider making a contribution now.

As we enter into this season of renewal and promise, we are prepping our space to safely welcome back students to an in-person Summer Camp; putting finishing touches on the East China Normal University Center, to bring leading thinkers from China for talks and presentations; and, finalizing a delicious and stimulating suite of topics for the Food & Ideas Festival in early Summer.

Our important work advances connection over conflict, dialogue over violence, and engagement over isolation. Join us and help us to provide enlightening and thought-provoking programs and classes to even more people.

I am proud to serve an organization that has long been a living example of cross-cultural understanding, and I am optimistic that together we can work to create a better future for the world we share.

James Heimowitz

President, China Institute