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Teaching Teachers: Chinese Language Teachers Leadership Series

Teaching Teachers: Chinese Language Teachers Leadership Series

In partnership with New York University Project DCLT (Developing Chinese Language Teachers), China Institute held a seminar for Chinese language teachers this past Saturday called “Leadership: Starting from a Framework.” This is the first session in an ongoing series that will focus on leadership skill building for Mandarin instructors.

NYU Professor Robin Harvey led an engaging one-hour session to introduce “7 principles of culturally responsive leaders”, namely:

1. Leaders stimulate intentional and purposeful teaching and learning;

2. Leaders lead and influence others by modeling exemplary practices;

3. Leaders challenge themselves and others to pursue a vision of excellence;

4. Leaders build and support the infrastructure for teaching and learning;

5. Leaders develop a culture of collaboration by building trust and effective communication;

6. Leaders promote and facilitate continuous growth and improvement;

7. Leaders view development as a continuum of individual and program growth and renewal.

A panel discussion, involving three established and emerging leaders from the field, Mr. Jack P. Chan from New Utrecht High School, Ms. Yibo Lu from Avenues School and Ms. Zhao Wang from EasyShu, a Chinese language portal, moderated by CI Head of School Shenzhan Liao, brought real life stories and context to the workshop.

The response was overwhelmingly positive and we had a full house of 60 participants to learn and engage, comprised of classroom teachers from both public and private schools, as well as administrators from the New York City Department of Education. We opened with leadership because it was a topic central to success in and out of the classroom. We look forward to additional seminars to come.