U.S.-China Next Generation Philanthropy Dialogue Initiative

James B. Heimowitz, President, China Institute; David Rockefeller, Jr., Chairman, Rockefeller & Co.; Stephen Schwarzman, CEO, The Blackstone Group


China Institute’s U.S.-China New Leaders Philanthropy Initiative connects U.S. and Chinese entrepreneurs, tech experts, and emerging philanthropists to establish an ongoing dialogue to strengthen strategic giving and deepen U.S.-China cross-cultural understanding. The initiative provides a platform for influencers on both sides to discuss philanthropy, social justice issues and to seek solutions for global challenges, from poverty to healthcare and environment. The program forges bridges, while promoting the development of a healthy civil society rooted in global values such as rule of law, opportunity, transparency, and equity. This project not only introduces best philanthropy practices, but just as important, promotes exploration of questions around the role of business and society.


The Initiative consists of two ongoing programs: the U.S.-China Philanthropy Dialogue and the U.S.-China New Leaders Council


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About the 2019 meeting and conference:

U.S.-China Philanthropy Dialogue (April 24)

On April 24, for the second year in a row, the invitation-only U.S.-China Philanthropy Dialogue brought Chinese philanthropists together with established American philanthropists to engage in dialogue regarding challenges and opportunities associated with strategic philanthropy and family legacy.

Chinese participants shared their work and challenges around sustainability and philanthropy in China, demonstrating the nuances of social issues in China. U.S. philanthropists shared their stories and offered feedback about family legacy and strategic philanthropy.

Speakers included:


U.S.-China New Leaders Council Workshops (April 25)

The inaugural meeting of the U.S.-China New Leaders Council brought together American and Chinese change makers in philanthropy, business, entrepreneurship, social innovation, and culture to explore challenges and opportunities in sustainable business, impact investing, and social innovation, through activities and intensive dialogue.

Council members worked to build meaningful bridges and engaged in dialogue between thought leaders in both countries—with the ultimate goal of addressing social problems together and encouraging the development of healthy civil society.

At the half day meeting, held at the JM Kaplan Fund office, speakers explored sustainable business, entrepreneurship and social impact, impact investing, and social innovation:

Connecting Sustainability to Financial Value, with Tensie Whelan, Director of the Center for Sustainable Business at NYU Stern


Social Entrepreneurship with Slava Rubin, founder of Indiegogo, one of world’s largest crowdfunding platforms


Impact Investing with Jenna Nicholas, CEO of Impact Experience and CEO of Phoenix Global Impact


Cultural Heritage and Economic Value with Kaplan Fund Innovation Prize winner Victoria Herrmann of Rising Tides

About the 2018 meeting and conference:

2018 U.S.-China Next Generation Philanthropy Dialogue: U.S philanthropists Steve Schwarzman, Betsy and Joan Davidson, John Long (front row), and David and Susan Rockefeller (second row, right) shared their philosophies and strategies with the delegation.


For more information about the U.S.-China Next Generation Philanthropy Dialogue Initiative, please contact Dorinda Elliott, VP of Programs and Director of China Institute’s Center for Business.