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U.S.-China Trade War is Counter Productive: Peter Walker Interviewed in Global Times

U.S.-China Trade War is Counter Productive: Peter Walker Interviewed in Global Times

“If the goals of the trade war were to strengthen the U.S. economy at the expense of the Chinese, the longer-term results will be the opposite,” according to Peter Walker, McKinsey Senior Partner Emeritus and author of the newly published Powerful, Different, Equal: Overcoming the Misconceptions and Differences Between China and the US. In an interview with China’s Global Times, Walker argues that the economic burdens “will be carried by U.S. consumers, not by China.” His book explores the current troublesome state of U.S.-China relations and the policies, attitudes, and agendas exacerbating tension between the world’s two largest economic powers.

China Institute will host Walker for an in-depth discussion about his career in China and new work on October 9. CI members can request a seat at this invite-only event by emailing your name and member ID to [email protected].

Selected quotes from the article:

“While the US now wants to contain China there is little evidence that it wants to understand China.”

“US politicians know little about Chinese history and culture and consider its model of a strong central government as unacceptable rather than a natural outgrowth of China’s history and culture. China, on the other hand, understands the US very well and will continue to do what’s in its best interest.”

“…the US lack of understanding does not suggest America’s lack of collective intelligence or well-meaning any more than China’s lack of interest in the rest of the world for most of its history suggested the same…Hopefully, the US posture will shift from containment and confrontation to constructive engagement in the next phase of the relationship.”

Read the full interview, and join us on October 9!

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